Weekends Here-Finally! Racing, random, and running!

Happy weekend everyone!! My goodness it was quite a long week, huh?

Running for the week (so far)
-12 easy miles.
Wednesday-7 miles-1 hour-lots of hills!
Friday-10 miles tempo-1:25 minutes

Sunday I have a half with my girlfriend. My one goal is to help her break 2 hours:) she has worked SO hard, I know she can do it!! It’s a very hilly and challenging course-of course, neither of us knew that until AFTER we booked it… We have been training on some of the toughest hills around…so she is READY!!:)

My plan is to turn my Sunday run into my long run by getting up and running 2-3 miles before we leave for the race. I really wanted to do an awesome 15 miler around my house on Friday but let’s be real-it’s not smart to do too many longish runs only 2 1/2 weeks before Boston.

I seem to have ADD to be in a random mood..these are my random confessions and obsessions for the week 🙂

1.) I felt reallllly cool yesterday…for about one minute. I actually taught one of my students (note:I teach mostly seniors) something about the IPhone. I can sometimes be technologically challenged, and usually find myself asking my students for IPhone help, so this was a biggun for me.
I read this article, and learned a lot about the phone I basically use just to text and check my Facebook/twitter. These are pretty much the only three things I knew how to do.. Also, I should probably confess..I didn’t use Siri until Friday night… She’s cool and all, but I think I’ll stick to my basics 😉 . This was my favorite new thing I learned:

It always drove me NUTS that I couldn’t see the times that my texts came in. Now you know how to see it too… You’re welcome.

2.) I have officially begun obsessively checking the weather for April 21st. I scoured the World Wide Web until I found a site that gave me the weather for the whole month of April… it’s looking good, folks.


3.) I am loving that spring is finally trying it’s hardest to appear..please see the small, yet pretty, flowers below(they are purple)…>

I also wore shorts on two of my runs this week …loving this weather..#40isthenew80

4.) Sent to me by my friend, Raquel…I plan to do a large post on this very soon, but for now:

I will be first to admit…when I pass a boy/man/man-boy… I am so much more energized because it’s a member of the opposite sex. Yeah, maybe it’s sexist and shallow, but I’m cool with it…Plus, then I get to chant “you got beat by a girl”..even if it’s only in my own head 😉

5.) I have official started wearing my marathon jacket.I know that people are superstitious, and think perhaps it is bad luck to wear it before finishing the race…but I am here to tell you: there is no way that I will have any bad luck. Why not? because when you survive a bomb blowing up ten feet from your head…I’m pretty sure that you have been officially blessed and meant for bigger/better/awesome-er things. And also…I don’t believe in bad luck…Because I make my own luck 😉

And This is where I leave you. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Today I get to see my patient partner Everett and his family, YAY!!!!!

Tell me something random from your week!

Anybody racing this weekend?

Run Free, Run Strong!!!


13 thoughts on “Weekends Here-Finally! Racing, random, and running!

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  2. Have a great run!!! You’re going to do great and beautiful picture of you!! Have a fantastic weekend, too!!
    Random? Hmm, last night, I ate a weird mix of vanilla ice cream, strawberries, caramel sauce, fig butter, peanuts, etc…I was feeling very adventurous and hungry!! Hehe!!

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