Running partners, long runs, and dates

(If you got this email/post twice…It is because my WordPress is actually having a bad day…apparently it is on the fritz and only would publish half my post at a time. So it has been fun trying to work out its kinks. Can we say “self hosted” anyone??)

There were several elements missing from my long run on Sunday that contributed to its sucktastic-ness.

First, and most importantly, was the absence of my awesome running partners Kristina and M. Once you start running with friends especially while you’re doing long runs, you get used to someone by your side keeping up with the conversation and slogging through the miles with you. Running with friends is 100% better than running solo. I mean …sure, I love listening to my music, having my own think time, and reflecting back on the day. But 20 long, cold miles alone.. Is very hard.

Also-was the fact that I missed a race and I hate skipping a race. But I woke up on Sunday morning to pouring rain. At the start of the race time, there was still a 70% chance it would be raining, and with 17mph winds. Not really my cuppa tea. Back at my house-same time as the 11am race start: prediction of 40% chance of rain and 10mph winds. Commute to run in rain, wind and cold, or run around my house where it probably won’t rain??? You smarties already know the option I chose.

But it wasn’t my run. I didn’t feel great, despite having taken three rest days last week. And I never really got warm. It was a hard, long lonely run on me and I’m really glad it’s over with now.

I find myself split 50/50 on my marathon emotions… Am I super happy that the marathon is almost here, or super sad? I’m relived that I don’t have to do a 20 mile training run for a while, yet I wish I had more time to improve on them. It’s funny how much you obsess, reflect, and tear apart your training back to the most minute details of it all. We runners are obsessive, no?:)

Tuesdays run made me happy because it was 55 degrees outside, i ran in shorts/t shirt AND I got to run with my girlfriend! Nearly 12 miles with some tough hills thrown in for fun. We have our half marathon this weekend and I’m SOOO excited!!:) plus the weather is already being predicted at 50!

I sincerely wish ALL runs had me in shorts and a t shirt! #happygirl
We have been stuck in winter for a year now so today felt like a tropical heat wave…it was magical.

Warm sunshine and blue skies!:)
Wednesday or Thursday-I plan to do a fast 15 miler and I’m Pretty excited about it. After I had slow moving legs on Sunday-I feel like I need to feel some speed!!

In other unrelated to running news…..
Monday night was date night at our favorite local watering hole!:)

I know-Monday Martinis!! Who am I? But it was a cause for celebration because last week, five years ago, I went on my first date with a stud muffin that I ended up marrying. Every year, I make him go back to this restaurant. Maybe it’s silly and cheesy, but I always celebrate our first date anniversary. I firmly believe that it’s the little things you do with one another that keep a marriage sparking, and don’t we all need some spark??
The above picture truly doesn’t fit in anywhere in this blog post but I had to share it with you to tell you that I am loving that it is warm again, and that I can comfortably use my grill!!! Yes, I know.. You can grill in winter…but I have been out of propane since….I don’t even know. And for some weird reason, I have never filled the propane tanks on my own …and secretly never plan to. I am like a person who won’t fill their own gas tank in their car so they always go to self serve, yes, I’m that awkward girl. And this means my husband will be filling them for the rest of our days 😉

So how’s your week?!
Any weird things you will not do and therefore your significant other must attend to them?!

Happy hump Dayyyyyy!!!!


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