Sometimes you just gotta ask yourself “WWJD”?

Today was my last 20 mile run, The Eastern States 20 miler. I was psyched to do it.. Beautiful course along the seacoast-gorgeous views-SOLD! I’ve run it before and it’s just a breathtaking course.

But the weather today was less than perfect. Now let me just clarify: I am a firm believer that “there is no such thing as bad weather, just soft people”
Today poured rain. My dad told me today that we were going to get 3 inches. Of rain. Gross.

When I woke up, I was still gung-ho to go. I stepped outside and it was freezing. Not to mention where the race was held was predicting high winds for the entire race. Sweet. (I hate wind!!)

So I stayed home. And I’m not ONE BIT sorry. Sometimes you have got to ask yourself “WWJD” What Would Jan Do?….(No offense to the Bjg Guy, or religion in general-but the “J” is for JAN)
Jan is my dad and one of the smartest/coolest/most sarcastic/funniest dudes in the entire world. When I was deciding on if it was truly a smart move to go for a 20 mile run sloshing through the howling winds & rain, I flashed back to my childhood days. If I wanted to do something, I did it, no matter what the consequences were. More often than not, it left me exhausted, run down, and just plain sick rather than anything else.

If it was Boston, there is not a doubt in my mind that I would’ve done it. I would run Boston during a hail storm. Or in a tornado. Basically, there is nothing that would stop me. But this one missed race is not going to make or break me. And, of I got sick-with only 21 days til Boston-I would lose major fitness. Totally not worth it.

So back to WWJD….my dad tried to teach me that sometimes it is better for your body NOT to do certain things…I didn’t always listen.
For example, in my youth:I would always think it was cool to stay out until 4 am and go to work for 8 am...Jan did not. I thought it was ok to go to KISS concert immediately following a 36 hour grad nite event with little to zero hours of sleep. Jan did NOT. I think you get my point. Basically, Jan has always made me THINK about my decisions and not just rush into it-because you know, it’s not always the best idea. So that’s what I did this morning-truly thought about my decision on whether or not to go.

When I called to tell him this morning that I wasn’t going, I could hear the relief in his voice. Nobody wants to run in conditions like this, and they certainly don’t like to think of their kids doing it either. Sometimes it takes a little while to officially grow up…I guess I am finally there, huh?

Great Story…but did you run?
Yes. I ran. More on that later πŸ˜‰

For my pre-run “Last Supper”, My husband surprised me by making me us amazing lobster Mac n cheese. All from scratch. Ladies and gents I am a lucky lady because it was DELICIOUS.

And this morning, I felt oddly inspired at breakfast time and drove my sorry I-don’t-want-to-run-in-the-rain-but-sure-ill-go-to-the-store-butt to Shaw Farm and bought all fresh ingredients for crepes.

The eggs came from Jan’s chickens, and I had the sugar and flour, but you get the point, right?



yummmmmy:banana and walnut crepes!
Anyway…this is where I leave you: with food, fun, and wine. waaaait, wine????
oh right….this about sums up my afternoon after my long run:


So yes, this is where I leave you…and more on today’s run tomorrow πŸ˜„

tell me all about your weekend!


4 thoughts on “Sometimes you just gotta ask yourself “WWJD”?

  1. I was going to do Eastern States too, but when I saw the forecast decided it made so much more sense to do my “dress rehearsal” on Saturday. I happily pounded out 22 miles on a beautiful day in Maine on Saturday. I can be pretty tough if the weather is awful on the day of an important race but this was a stepping stone to the important one.

  2. Call me soft, I wouldn’t run in that kind of weather either.
    I wouldn’t run in light rain either, unless it was a really important race. See, told you you could call me soft.

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