Exciting mail days and new self discoveries

Over the past week, I have been trying really hard to work on/finish a guest post for a wonderful sponsor, Icon Health & Fitness. (more on this in weeks to come)They contacted me asking if I would write a post on “What I Run For” I was SO Honored! You would think it would be easy peasy for a running blogger to sit down and BAM! bang out a post within minutes. Not so much.. I learned a thing or two about myself while trying to write this post:

I absolutely cannot have background noise when I am trying to get writing DONE.. I tried three different days to get it done-one day, my husband and stepdaughter were playing video games while I was trying to write. I do not even like video games, yet I couldn’t even concentrate for more than two seconds. This brings me to my second lesson..

I cannot write while people are talking to me, I’m suddenly beginning to understand why certain great writers have holed themselves up in cabins, in the wilderness, etc. It’s to get some peace and GD quiet so you can hear your thoughts.

On Monday, I decided to take the day off of running and work on my article. My husband decided to do some work simultaneously on his laptop and put on hangover 3 for background noise..I’ve never seen Hangover 3. On this day I learned that I was more interested in Leslie Chow, and the Wolf Pack. (in case you are curious–I liked the first two better)

SOOOO ANYWAY. Hi! Thanks for reading that nonsense. My husband says I have ADD – I should be able to tune background noise out to focus on my tasks at hand. I actually don’t think I have ADD-but, what I DO have is “Nicole needs to Think and write in silence and leave her alone, won’t you please.” It’s true. When I sit down to write-it really only takes me 20 minutes to jot down my thoughts. (and two hours to proofread) As aggravating as it was for me to not have inspiration strike when I needed it to-It was good to learn some lessons about myself.
I was finally able to get it all done yesterday, ironically, the moment I awoke I had some thought provoking inspirations. Not my ideal time to write but hey-you gotta strike when the iron is hot!!

Moving on., Happy Almost Friday!!!! I loved these things that happened this week:

I got this bracelet sent to me from an AMAZING woman I work with! What a wonderful surprise! I am probably going to wear it on marathon Monday-every time I look at it, I know she will be thinking of me. She is one of The STRONGEST and MOST courageous women I have ever known: she has faced cancer and given it a FACE PUNCH!

Needless to say-It was an awesome mail day today! I have been rushing to the mailbox daily to check it so I could pull this out. It never feels “real”‘until my Runners Passport arrives!!:)
This is my very first Boston marathon-and the only picture I have from it. I don't know why it's SO grainy and won't blow up correctly but here it is anyway. If you are my friend on fb you might've already seen it. I don't remember a whole lot about this day. I don't remember the brand if sneakers I wore, or how fast I was running(I Know it was really, really slow). What sticks out in my mind was how excited and nervous I was because it was my VERY FIRST OFFICIAL RACE. The friends you can see in the background are two girlfriends and one guy friend. If my BFF hadn’t come that day-I would NOT have finished. I knew my friend was waiting for me and I knew she was nervous at just WHERE the heck I was so it pushed my tired and sick butt forward.
And then there is this…because spring HAS to come someday—right???
(You have to say yes because I cannot take this winter even ONE LITTLE BIT more)

Today I’m going to run a 13 miler with my friend M. We have our Great bay Half Marathon in just a couple weeks! This race is known for it’s hilly course so the route I planned out is chock full of difficult hills. Aren’t I a nice friend?!

I ended up taking yesterday off from running-I have another race this weekend-The Eastern States 20 Miler. It’s my last long run before Boston-I cannot believe I am already at that point in my training! It’s crazy how time flies! I wanted to rest my legs before my mid week long run and still be fresh for Sunday. I’m still not sure of the pace I want to go at-Ideally-7:45. That pace is hard to hold for 20 miles so we’ll see. And I know that this is a “dress rehearsal” not “the real deal” In other words-I will not go “balls to the walls” three weeks before Boston. You are welcome for my crass phrasing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Tell me about your week!
Something random!
And something about your runs!

ps..Please Note the new banner at the top of the blog. Courtesy of PicMonkey.com and thanks to my girl Ashley over at Chocolatemedals! She is the cat’s meow!

Run Free, Run Strong!


11 thoughts on “Exciting mail days and new self discoveries

  1. Oh nice welcome packet for the Boston marathon! I would love to run the Boson marathon at some point. But I am not fast enough to qualify! My marathon time is around 3:40 – 3:50. I think I need like 3:10!!!!

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