As FAST as these legs will go!


Tuesdays run was a badass 9 miler. I was pretty dam excited about it because I did really well. I am starting to get my speed back and that’s pretty important to me considering I plan to beastmode a marathon in ooooh only 25 days. #ifeeltheneedforspeed
9 miles in 1 hour and 11 minutes, avg 7:53 pace.
9:32(a really steep hill-I was pretty psyched to get up it in that time)
8:15(another hill)

I really loved the negative splits in my progressive run. There is nothing like feeling my Garmin beep and seeing that I was faster than I was last mile.

As much as I LOVE training for a marathon, I am pretty excited to start new training objectives. Once Marathon training is complete(after Boston, it’s only half’s until Baystate in October), I am going to begin my next leg of my 2014 journey: getting faster for all those half marathons I have piled up.

What are some methods I plan to use to get faster?

1.) Time my workouts. Once the spring officially hits (ps Mother Nature is a dirty rotten sneak-spring aint sprung yet around here. Just saying-she better kick it up a notch or she is GROUNDED) I can do my running before work. I freaking love this . Being shorter on time means I HAVE to push myself to get home faster.

2. Shorten my stride. This is something I practiced during Tuesdays run–> these little legs took short strides. I mean, I like pretending I’m a tall gal who is all legs, but in reality, I’m a tiny ball of fury. (I’m only 5’1)

3. Perfect my form Upper body relaxed and tall, mid foot strides, arms swinging at 90 degree angles, fingers NOT clenched.
For more on running form, you can read this Runners World article here

4.) Speed workouts at a more frequent interval I can’t deny this. I need to do speed work weekly. I cannot put it off. You get faster with practice. Do you think Kara Goucher or Ryan hall or those GD Kenyans get faster with only running easy miles? No, I don’t think so…they call it speed “work” for a reason. It is tough, it is hard, and it usually makes me feel like puking…because it is work.

5.) Laying off the candy. Now, I’m not saying I think I need to lose weight. But, I do feel my “best running self” when I am eating healthier. Eating healthy makes me feel lean and strong. And lean and strong runners pretty much rule the world. Properly fueling my body makes for the win!

6.) Core Work. I have been soooo good with this lately. I make myself do planks every single day, and a variety of hard core work a few days a week. I am going to keep this up!

How do you make yourself faster?

Run Free, Run Strong!


15 thoughts on “As FAST as these legs will go!

  1. I’ve been sick for a week! And am dreading my next run (tomorrow) cuz I felt like I was doing so good! Suggestions?

  2. Ahh great job! I felt like lead yesterday. The only reason I ended up with negative splits is because I ran so slow on my way out that to get the dog from daycare in time I HAD to run my last 3 miles FASSSSSST. (like I went from 8:50 pace down to 7:30 because there was no other option). Here’s to hoping today is different!

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