Planks and miles

The Run-Cap:
60 miles for the week! Yay! I’ve been wanting to get back up in my mileage
Total but just haven’t gotten there until now. I can honestly say that every run this week felt great, mentally and physically. As an athlete who is constantly running/training/working out, this just isn’t always so for me. Training requires effort and it isn’t always easy to give a 100% of it.

Every run this week was a “quality” run. I never headed out the door and thought “ugh, I have to run today”. I love that I was happy to hit the pavement every single day. I also think that’s a sign spring is coming! Who minds running when birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and sun is shining(Better get the allergy meds out, folks!)

Monday: off
Tuesday: 13 miles
Wednesday: 9 miles
Thursday: 10 miles with a friend that felt like 3
Friday: rest
Saturday: 21.19 miles with another friend

Sunday:7.20 shake out run

I truly cannot believe this was my 2nd to last long run for Boston. It’s less than a month away.. Actually, as I write this, it’s only 27 days!!! During my long run, it was said by both Kristina and I many times that although we feel so blessed to be able to train for Boston/to be going to Boston…we are also excited to put it behind us. Emotionally:I’m ready. It’s been a long year folks.
Physically: 20 milers on Saturday are a hell of a lot of work. We are excited to be able to wake up on a Saturday without a specific mileage goal in mind, and see where it takes us. She has some big, awesome plans for us-cannot wait!
I also really wish I had found her sooner!! It is a crazy thing to think of the fact that we live .20ish miles from one another, are avid runners, and never saw each other before. It’s practically unbelievable, yet, it is true. Better late than never!

The Weekend Recap: Saturdays long run was followed by an awesome shopping date with my girlfriends to find bridesmaids dresses for all of us for one of our upcoming weddings. The Awesome day was capped off with an amazing burger at Joe’s American Bar & Grill. I was too busy living in the moment to take any pics besides this one:

Sunday dawned and even though I was very sore from Saturdays long run-I hit the ground running. It was one of those runs that I could’ve run forever and ever and ever. We had an amazing Family Dinner afterwards which I followed up with some planks.

20140324-042746.jpg (it is actually pretty dam hard to smile while planking and let somebody take a picture of you and I kept collapsing. Go ahead, try it, I dare you!
And followed it up with countless games of memory. Dam that 7 year old for getting so good at memory that I only won once!

Whatever your mileage was this past week, whether it be 3, 30, or 75-I hops you had a wonderful week/weekend. I’m spreading my Run-Karma to all of you in hopes that your upcoming running week was as awesome as mine!;


15 thoughts on “Planks and miles

    • I can’t believe we ran that long (although I was more tired than I am usually for 20) and I can’t believe you were Running UP Sherburne after the crazy amount of hills we tackled on Saturday! You are a hill seeker!:)

      • Dude that guy that was also running freaked me out on the hill! He passed me at the base, I passed him near the top, then he passed me at the bottom (when I saw you)- but he came up from behind like a ninja! I was sore, but I needed that route- its like a comfy blanket.

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