Giveaway winner announced, and Things Only a runner will understand…


Running certainly isn’t for everyone, yet, the irony is that anyone can do it. You don’t need a whole bunch of fancy things to get your run done..all you need is you, the road, and some sneakers.

Even though anyone can run, not everyone can understand the little things that make up the runner YOU are. In fact, there are probably 84,000 things that my non running friends will look at me, shake their heads, and just say “huh?”

This is my list of…

1. ….The importance of being matchy-matchy with your running/racing outfits

(please note how well my shoes match my shorts/headband matches my shirt. I was wayyyy into the matching that day)

2. …Why sometimes you just DONT care if you match, at all. Not even one BIT.

(this was the hottest Boston..all I cared about was not becoming a puddle)

3. …Black toenails. You’re as proud of them as you are in pain. They are a badge of honor. While others may tell you that your feet are gross, you wear those black toes with HONOR, my running friend. And maybe paint them?

4. …Why two runners can wear the same exact shoe and one of us will only run 200 miles in them , yet another will run 400. We runners know that every body, every foot and every runner is unique in what feels right in their own individual running style and apparel.


5. …Why researching a new to you shoe to run in can take countless hours spent on the intergooglewebs, consultation among your other runner friends, a trip to your local running store(sometimes twice because you just weren’t sure yet)

6…Why a beer tastes SO good after a very long run, a very hard run, and after a marathon.


sidenote:these are the only two pics I could find of me post-marathon where I had a beer in my hand. Yet, I know there are many more instances where I drank one…I’m going to have to work on my photo skills, clearly. You know, so I can continue to amuse you all 😉

7. Why you can think you’re broke, yet somehow are able to justify/find the $ to buy three(or more) pairs of your favorite running shoes on clearance for half price. you are saving yourself money, right? It’s like budgeting for your future self!?!

8…Why deciding to give up your old sneakers feels like you are losing a friend

9…Why buying a new pair is making a new friend

10…Why getting up at <5:00AM to get your run done makes you feel like you are ONTOPOFTHEFREAKINGWORLD. To every person you meet that day, you will want to bore tell them your tale of “How This Runner Got Up Real Early”. (Note their glassy eyed appearance)

11…. Why your bowel movements or,lack there of, concern you … And not only that it gets even weirder… They can sympathize and share their own horror stories. Runners learn early on that really is no boundaries in the conversational topics that concern our runs. Really, you lose all shame after you’ve had some, ahem, “situations”. I’ll leave it at that. #yourewelcomefornotdescribinganything

12…Chaffing. Unless you are a runner. You truly cannot comprehend the pain of chaffing. Especially whose times where you don’t already know you’re chaffed, and you hop into the shower and the water hits you….world of pain. Chafing literally can happen anywhere where you wear clothing since it’s cause by fabrics running against our skin. Gross.

13…Your reasons WHY you run Everybody has their own. I have probably a thousand that I could list off for you. Someone who doesn’t run just might not get why you run. How it clears your head and makes you feel/look better. I guess it’s just your little secret then 😉
Why do you run?

What are some things that you find non-running friends saying to you?



17 thoughts on “Giveaway winner announced, and Things Only a runner will understand…

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  2. So sad I didn’t win 😦 But I signed up anyway, not usually a fan of running in the heat. It makes me so much slower when its humid and hot! But i’m willing to give it a try!

    Black Toenails! I just figured out that as a runner you need to take care of your feet! This includes proper trimming and filing! Make sure your shoes fit! Your feet are so important take good care of them!

    Poopin is real! I worry so much about how to schedule my eating the day before a big race to minimize my chances of having to poop! My friends who don’t run think its a little crazy, but they don’t understand the poopin struggle is real!

    Getting up < 5am! Yup thats me, I love it! Very little traffic and the heat in the summer isnt bad! I get my running in before most people get out of bed!

    • One final thing that gets me about non-runners. They have this misconception that you’re in pain the entire time you’re running. I try to explain that once you are in shape there is no pain when you run! It actually becomes an enjoyable experience, just gotta get in shape, which can be painful 🙂

    • I’m sorry you didn’t win!! But glad you signed up anyway!

      Black toenails can be so irritating and uncomfortable, I try to be so careful about the fit of my shoes for that reason.
      Poopin IS real! I just had that convo with my gf yday and how we get nervous for races in regards to it!:)

  3. I love reading your blog!! This list made me laugh because every one is so spot on! I can relate to all of them, especially the early morning runs and feeling the need to tell everyone 🙂 I ran at 4am one time and bragged to everyone about how I wasn’t tired the rest of the day!

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