This weeks runs and my zazzle is BACK


What a difference a week makes… I can say that last week, I absolutely did NOT have my “zazzle”. I had heavy legs, not a lot of energy, constantly sore muscles, and just felt –
Really, “bla” is really not even a word, but let’s face it-it is a Terrific adjective!

Anyway, heavy, slow legs aside, I just lacked my usual energy and running zazz. Everyday…
I didn’t even WANT to run
“The Girl Who Ran Everywhere” was not excited to run everywhere!!!

But that’s marathon training for you, right? Or, in my case-that’s marathon training during/in your POST marathon training…I know I’ve said it before, but it truly takes a LOT out me to run a marathon. It is physically AND mentally grueling.. Not only do you spend minimum 4 months training, but you research EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN that pertains to your running habits,your-moms-neighbors-friend-who-runs-the-Marathon-every-year’s-running habits, you even check for the past 20 years’ weather history for the possible forecasts of your Big Day.

In short: Training for a marathon is a Big. Dam. Deal. And it’s ok not to feel your usual excitement for running for a little while.

This week- I’m BACK!!! and I’m THRILLED!!

Tuesday-13 miles with some tempo thrown in the middle
Wednesday-9 easy miles
Thursday-10 miles with a friend after work-lots of hills and we killed them, even in the wind! (have I ever told you that I hate the wind?!)

Honestly I feel so good that it’s going to make me sad to take today off. However, I am doing a long run tomorrow with Kristina and I’d like to save my legs so they are primed and ready to go for our 20 miler!!


Happy Spring! I know, I’m a day late!
Happy Friday!

Have you ever lost your zazzle? How’d you get it back?

Run free, run strong!!


12 thoughts on “This weeks runs and my zazzle is BACK

  1. Have you ever felt like your Zazzle was gone when something is going on in your personal life? When my grandmother died in September my legs were like two solid blocks of cement, and my stomach hurt ALL THE TIME when I ran. It’s since passed, but it was incredible how something not physical can affect you so deeply!

  2. What a happy and energetic post! πŸ™‚ Very inspiring, and so happy you got your zazzle back!!

    Marathon training is such a life-changing process. So much fun, and you really learn so much about yourself! πŸ™‚ Nice work lady!

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