Just a quick post to share this with you..


it’s official: I have officially bought my marathon shoes!!

It’s no secret I’m a Brooks fan. Over the weekend, my left foot started to hurt and my current pair just didn’t feel like they were doing its job.

So I took myself to Dicks last night for a quick two hours trip to buy my shoes.

Love at first sight! First run tonight when I get home from work!

Brooks Ghost 6!



I will do a full review once I’ve worn them a couple times!

What’s your go to marathon shoe?


19 thoughts on “Just a quick post to share this with you..

      • I had the Ghost 5. I can’t really tell a difference however I did get a size 9 vs. 8. I do appreciate the extra toe room with all the long distance running I have been doing!

  1. For me, I bounce around – I can have my hands on a lot of shoes because of my job, but I think overall, the Brooks Glycerin is my go-to when I really can’t get comfortable with anything else.

  2. That’s a great shoe, I have nothing bad to say about the Ghosts. For that shoe, I DO think the big difference is that they removed the midfoot shank (that piece of plastic in the midfoot) so that you’re getting full ground contact. What that translates to in real speak is that it’s just a smooth shoe πŸ™‚

  3. I go through about 2 pairs of inov-8 roclite 295s a year! I always keep a new pair in the house ready to go! It’s hard to try new things when you found something that works so well! They are trail running shoes, but they work so well for me I haven’t tried anything else πŸ™‚ I tried hoka one ones and they are okay, but seem to give me blisters around my toes.

    • I have never run in trail shoes but I’ve been thinking about getting a pair so that I can run in them during the winter months. That’s for the tip! I tend not to try new things too-i always stick to my ghosts for running a marathon-they have never led me astray!
      Blisters are the worst! I tend to break up with a pair of sneakers that gives me blisters fairly quickly!

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