Mileage, the weekend, and fears

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Weekly mileage recap:
Monday -10 miles
Wednesday was a rest day, and Thursday ended up being speedwork because I was motivated to do so.. I haven’t done it in nearly a month and have just not wanted to. For the record: I normally love speedwork because even though it hurts, it’s hard, and I want to die..I know it makes me faster.

I did six Yassos with recovery jogs in between that were the same length as each Yasso.

Oh, Yasso’s, why do you hurt so good???
Yasso splits:
3:27(3:27 recovery jog)
3:25(3:25 recovery jog)
3:25(I think you get the picture πŸ˜‰)
I wanted to die after I was done.. a true sign I NEED to incorporate speed work back into my life.

Fridays run was with my friend, M-I love running with her! There is nothing like running with a girlfriend! 9 total for me on Friday.

Saturdays long run went a little like this: I was there/I did it/I didn’t enjoy it at all/I’m glad it’s done.
ugggghh I was solo for 20.26 (the irony doesn’t escape me of the backwards numbers) , my headphones died in mile two, I was sore/grumpy/slow and if you had pulled over on the side of the road to say a quick “hi!”-I would have gotten in your car and made you take me home.

55 miles total for the week.

Long runs since Hyannis have been tough for me-I know that’s to be expected: it typically takes me a whole month following a marathon to get my “zazzle” back. The aftermath of after the marathon leaves me feeling not too keen and excited to lace up my kicks and hit the streets. I’m almost back though..Next Saturday, I have a long run already planned with my girl Kristina-and I am hoping to shake the YUCK off my long runs.

Three cheers for turning my rock filled legs into diamonds!

The rest of the weekend was spent with my funny, silly, sassy stepdaughter. I truly adore my little buddy! We spent time doing the normal stuff like go to the movies, play a million games, and wait for the tooth fairyπŸ˜„

She was happy to lose her last tooth!

she is still cute even when she’s being weird☺️

Sunday funday ..was a rest day, and included me going shooting with my husband… I am clumsy, uncoordinated (with the exception of running) and have a tendency to tune out instructions when I am nervous. Not exactly great characteristics for someone holding a loaded weapon.
I learned that I am terrified kind of afraid of guns, that my husband is a great teacher for his petrified wife, and that I really don’t like HATE loud noises.
I DO however, like Big Buck and forced him into a selfie:


it was hard to take a picture with someone who’s head is so big.

Today dawns a new running week. it will bring with it just about the best thing ever-new chances for great runs!

run free, run strong!


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