Amazing Race Entry giveaway-yeah that means FREE!!!!

***UPDATED 3/22/14 at 6:45 am-THE WINNER IS ERIN AT GoSuperMamaGo! Congratulations, lady! Email at and I will give you the code!

I could not be more any more excited than I am RIGHT NOW to be raffling off this sweet, sweet prize!

On Sunday July 13, I will be running in the Naragansett Running Festival.
I ended up registering for it yesterday because it was SO reasonable($49) and the price goes up come April 1st. Since I was going to do it anyways, I thought “hey, why not be ahead of the game for once and book early!” I booked the half marathon, but the course has a 5k and a 10k.

I reached out to the race director, Jason Paganelli to see if he would be willing to exchange a race entry for my publicity and promoting of his race…He was all in!
Really, he was awesome and now I am even more excited to run this race…Come on July!

Jason wrote back to me (and very quickly, too-major bonus points!):

I love when runners are so passionate about what they do that they share it with others.

How cool is that?! Thank you Jason!

Where is it?
The race is in Easton and Stoughton MA beginning at Stonehill College and through the surrounding neighborhoods. I picked it because it’s only about an hour away from my house, looks like a gorgeous course, and they have live music and beer at the end. #winnawinnachickendinna. I also read a few reviews on it that said it was mostly trails, and I LOVE that.

Um, Nicole…it’s JULY,though?? Won’t it be hot?
Average high temp is 82, average low temp is 66. My kinda weather! Now I love the heat: but not everybody is as crazy as me does..but let me tell you: they have partnered with several houses in the area to let the runners run through their sprinklers..
SO. FREAKING. FUN!! So let’s go be kids who play in sprinklers 😄

At the end of the half, there is Naragansett beer(yum!) and tons of food for the runners… entertainment and giveaways! How can you not want to enter?

It sounds like an absolute BLAST! I can’t wait to run and post a review on it!

The official race description on their website:

The 13.1 Mile course will take you through the beautiful scenic sections of Easton and Stoughton Massachusetts. Leaving from Stonehill College and crossing over Washington Street, you’ll head into the “Sheep Pasture” operated by the Natural Resources Trust of Easton, and exit onto Main Street. From there, you’ll head into the rolling neighborhoods that will take you into the Ames Lond Pond area of Stoughton, where you’ll take on a few challenging climbs, passing ponds and farmland as you go. Being a lollipop-style course, you’ll eventually hit some long rolling downhills to soon reconnect with the route you took away from Stonehill. Once on Stonehill College campus again, you’ll merge with the majority of the 5k/10k course to share the finish with the other runners. 95% of this course is paved road, with 3 quick dirt-road sections that are located toward the start of the race and just before you come into the final mile. All courses are highlighted by a quick but challenging final hill that leads you into the finish.

So for all of you out there looking to sign up for a race please enter my giveaway! You can enter and pick the race of your choice. It will begin today, Saturday, March 15, 2014 and run through Saturday, March 22, 2014.

How To Enter:
1.) In the comment field below, write “I WANT TO RUN NARAGANNSETT:”
2.) Blog Followers: Whether you’re brand new(Welcome! Hi!) or have been along for the ride, Post a separate comment stating “I’m a blog follower” for an extra entry.
To “follow” my blog, enter your email address into the top right


3.) Twitter Followers: Same rules as above: Follow me on Twitter @bostongirlruns for yet another extra entry, and post a separate comment below stating “I follow you on Twitter”
4.) Facebook Followers: Same rules as the two above: Follow me on Facebook at The Girl Who Ran Everywhere for another extra entry, and post a separate comment below stating “I like you on FB.”
5.) Facebook Followers Opportunity #2: Same rules as all of the above: Follow Naragansett Running Festival on Facebook here for another extra entry, and post a separate comment below stating “I like Gansett Runs on FB.”

Yes, I know what you are going to ask…Can I really enter 5 times??? YES YOU CAN! (And please do!)
Winner will be chosen at random on March 22nd using Winner will be notified by a blog post on March 22nd so make sure you click back here to check!

One lucky winner will get the coupon code that I will privately inbox you for your free race entry!

So enter away and let’s be friends who run a race together!!!


***UPDATED 3/22/14 at 6:45 am-THE WINNER IS ERIN AT GoSuperMamaGo! Congratulations, lady! Email at and I will give you the code!


71 thoughts on “Amazing Race Entry giveaway-yeah that means FREE!!!!

  1. Oh my gosh, I am so excited to have won! I was literally just jumping up and down and my kids were looking at me like I’m crazy! lol 🙂 Thank you so much! I will e-mail you today!

  2. Thank you Nicole. Super excited, even if I don’t win I’m going to sign up. I was looking for a half in July!!!

  3. I like Gansett Runs on FB.

    Okay I did all the things! And I am adding a reminder to my calendar to register before april 1st even if i dont win 🙂

    Now its time to get ready for the New Bedford half. Its gonna be a chilly race! Yikes 31 degrees!

  4. Someone is going to be a lucky winner indeed! This was one of the more fun races I was part of last year! For the inaugural year a lot of folks were concerned about organization and course details, but they totally nailed it! The fond memories were certainly aided by the beer area post race and a surprising second place finish, but it really was a fantastic event! Go Narragansett and awesome giveaway!

  5. The part about the sprinklers is fun. In June there is a huge parade and 5K here to celebrate Gaspee Days in Warwick, RI. When I ran it for the first time last year, there was a dude at the turn-around that had hung up a hose off the tree in his front yard that hung over the street and people were running under it. He also had someone else at the corner of his yard spraying people with another hose if they wanted it.

  6. So great!!
    1. I want to run Naragannsett (I think haha, no really I do).
    2. I was your first blog follower (maybe)
    3. I don’t tweet 😦
    4. I follow “The Girl…” On FB
    5. I like Gannasett runs. On FB

    In addition, I also like food, music, beer and holiday.
    I am learning to love to run. Maybe not EVERYWHERE but somewhere.
    And it doesn’t matter that I’m your SIL.
    Way cool give away.

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