Whoops, and researching pays off

I have always wanted to do a birthday marathon. (My bday is May 1st). Originally, I was going to run the Wallis Sands Half marathon on May 4th and call it my “birthday half marathon.”

I realized that EEK! I never registered! I popped over to the site, happy as a clam with my registration fingers all set to go…Gasp!!!! It was sold out! . WHOOPS.I checked other half’s in the area, but they all were too far away (I refuse to drive more than 1 1/2 hours for an 8am start time. Ain’t gonna happen, mama needs her sleep.

I toggled over to the website of another race I was interested in doing: The Run to Remember…and it is $85 for the half. I’m sorry, saywhaaat?? That’s too much for a run I willingly do on a Wednesday night around my ‘hood.

So, New Plan. It will now be “the month of birthday half marathons” (you totally have the rights to the whole month, don’t argue with me)Instead, I registered for Big Lake Half Marathon. It was $65, only an hour away, and I’ve always wanted to run it. It’s in Alton Bay, NH. That most likely means nothing to anyone besides my friends and I, but, one of my best friends has a house there. To us, some of our best summer memories have been at her lake house. Why wouldn’t I want to run there?!!
And…get this… ITS A SATURDAY!!! Me, Saturday, May 10th &Alton Bay have a date. #YW

I researched the shit out of every race in the area did a small bit of googling for another May race…if I want to hit 14 in 2014, I would like to have 7 planned through the end of June. Soo….

SUCCESS!! I found the coolest looking half on May 18th in Kingston NH,not all that far away from me. It’s called “The Funky Kingston Half Marathon“. Every winner gets a tie dyed shirt, it’s reggae themed, and there is Jamaican food at the end. Yes please.

On their website::

Hilarious, and I can’t wait.

After even MORE research, It turns out I have turned my May -June -July schedule all topsy-turbo people just don’t say that phrase enough, let’s bring it back)
June: RW half-scratched off my list. It’s now $100.00 again…for only 13.1 miles. I know, I know.. it’s runners world…but unless I hit on a scratchy, someone decides they want to pay for me, OR, I come into a family inheritance…I ain’t wasting money on it. That is crazy expensive!!!! Instead: Newburyport River Run

July: Naragansett Summer running series-Easton, MA, July 13. There actually was a half in RI on the -12th-but-the $10 I save in registration is completely worth it! I wish there were more half marathons in New England in the summer. I know, I know… it’s hot. It’s humid…but I love it..I am never too hot, or humid. I run in the 100+ weather and love it.

August: Triple Threat on August 3rd. It just felt right šŸ˜‰

It took me soooo long to register/research that I ended up NOT running …but…I got home at 3 instead of my originally planned noon. After a complete day of chaos and on my poor feet…I did not do my 13 miler. I despise things interrupting my running plans..but.. That’s LIFE, right? Right. “Things” don’t always go as planned, and as much you might get angry, life happens. You truly have to roll with the punches.

All in all, a productive day: 2 races registered for, and 3 more have been decided on. Now…who wants to run one with me?

Run Free, Run Strong!


24 thoughts on “Whoops, and researching pays off

  1. These all sound awesome! FL is seriously lacking in summer races (I guess 100 degree heat+humidity isn’t ideal for running?). I am already mapping out my fall and winter races and pep talking myself into summer training. I am hot just thinking about it.

    • I can only imagine how hot it gets down there in May-August.. I once went to Florida in September and I was a puddle of sweat! Fall is my fave time to race-and there is a ton of great ones here then too!
      Good luck planning!:) someday I will do a race down there!:)

  2. Oh that Reggae one looks so fun! And hubby said it’s close. I really want to do it, but I’ll have to see how my runs go over the next couple weeks and then promise it would purely be a fun run. I love the Run to Remember, but it has gotten pricey. Another half to consider is Shipyard Old Port Half in Portland ME in July. It was too hot/not shaded for me bi
    It the course/atmosphere are great. Great schedule, you are going to rock 14 in 14 šŸ™‚

  3. Aww, it’s too bad you’re not doing Jamestown in July. I’m very close to signing up for that one and making that my first ever half instead of Surftown in September. Not that I think I can even come close to hanging with your speed. I think I have 10 total that are all completely registered, but mine include 5 OCRs. Ever considered doing one of those??

    • You will do great! I really wanted to do that one(hello it’s a Saturday!) but it’s an hour and 40 minute ride, starting at 8ish am is pretty early to get up/leave etc. the spartan race sounds VERY cool- is it pricey?
      Your post yday was awesome, I haven’t had a chance to comment on it yet!:)

      • If you’re interested, I have a link for pre-reg for the Fenway Spartan in November – it’s $75 which is half price (plus fees). The link is only valid until the 19th though so let me know! I’m pretty sure I still have the email with it. They do get a little pricey. You could do Foam Fest – it’s cheaper and it’s in Haverhill. Not sure where exactly you are. There is also The Dirty Dash which is even cheaper because it’s the first year it’s in this area…and I think that’s in Amesbury? A lot of races I do are in MA because I grew up there and have family and best friends that live there so I can crash and not have to drive as far.

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