Monday & Tuesday Runs&Fun

Sometimes you go for a run and it sucks. Sometimes you go for a run and it’s fun and you fly right through it.

Mondays run-10 miles in 1 hour 25 minutes. I threw in a couple of 8 minute miles, but for the most part, I was closer to the 9’s…nice and easy. But I flew right through it.
Why wouldn’t I? It was 40 degrees, birds were chirpy, the sky was lovely, and most importantly: THERE WAS LIGHT. I cannot, and will not, ever, underestimate the power of light!
It was just one of those runs where I felt inspired. You know the ones right? Where you feel like your heart is singing because the weather is beginning to change, and I know pretty soon, flowers will be sprouting up along my running routes…


Ah, Spring…how I love thee…

Monday night was a really fun get together with all (for the most part) the ladies on my husbands side of the family. There is always something to celebrate and so little time to get together, so we planned a paint nite….it was a blast!

I like to say…“I paid for the memories, not the painting”. Paint nite is GREAT…but it’s spending the time with the awesome people who are there that is the best part! We had a momma on her first nite out, funny conversations, and one million laughs. My kinda night 🙂

(we are very serious)


I don’t know how I was wide awake as Tuesday dawned, but I somehow managed to be, and run 6 miles with my girlfriend after work. I was soo excited to run with her because she and I haven’t been able to hook up & run due to LIFE throwing obstacles in our way. But we’re back in action!! We did about 6 together, and I continued on for another 3.4 because the weather was be-a-UTIFUL! Truly, incredible. 55. And sunny. Heaven… let’s hope it continues.. I did a good few hills and called it a day at 9.40

Today, I plan to do a 13 mile run, but with some tempo running mid run. It’s time for some speedwork during my mid week longish run! Can’t wait!

Hows your week going? Is it getting nice where you are?

Who’s done a wine paint nite? Any other girls night out ideas!
-this was my 2nd, but I would rather change it up to a different creative activity.. I saw a wine glass etching THAT looks great and way more practical than the paintings!(I love practical things!)

Everybody Run Free, Run Strong for your HUMP DAY!!!


6 thoughts on “Monday & Tuesday Runs&Fun

    • They really were-yesterday was shorts/capris weather! I’m loving it!
      That’s good that you took it easy bc you are racing in just a few days!:)

      I think the place they went to is in Lowell-there really IS a lot to like about Lowell!!:)

  1. That looks like fun. I’ve always wanted to try a Paint Nite. They have Groupons all the time. This weather has been awesome since the weekend! I’m not looking forward to later today and tomorrow. Boooo rain and snow! I want to see more of those pretty flowers you posted instead!

    • I know I am bummed out about the rain too-and i don’t believe it that it’s going to snow-the weather peeps have to be wrong-there’s no way we can be getting more!!!!!!!!!!!!
      We had a groupon for it, it was great-only $25 A person!!:)

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