Oh what a night!!

What an amazing weekend!!

Saturday morning, I had a great 18 miler with Kristina ((we forgot to take a picture again..worst bloggers ever!!)

It was 18 miles but it felt like 5. ..running with a partner makes miles seem like nothing. We decided that we never have to do solo long runs again, AND we can’t wait until we can do speedwork at the track. When it un freezes…

Saturday night was my benefit..I am happy to say that we raised the money we needed. The fundraiser goes to a ton of other local charities besides Children’s, and every penny is used for a great cause.

I even made a little speech! Let me tell you, you don’t know nervous until about 1000 eyes are staring at you. At the same time. And the whole room is completely silent. Yikes. I hate public speaking, but after the past year, it meant a lot to me to say a big THANK YOU for all of the support my friends and I have received. Things like that cannot go unnoticed.

It was a memorable, magical night full of love ❀️. So thanks to all of you who came, donated, and took time out of your busy lives to make something really special happen.

(sister love)


(Bestie love)

(family love)

(my cutie pie sis and BIL)

(My special BDAY wifey!)





(the gang)

save the best for last!!)

Mileage for the week -43:
Tuesday-8 miles

I took three rest days this week. what?! I was tired, every single day this week and it never let up. Exhaustion of the benefit, recovery from my marathon two weeks prior, and a whole week of barely sleeping from anixety(speeches will do that!) left me pooped.

I wanted to run today but ended up super unmotivated and lazy. So, today was a day of eating rest. One million jelly beans later, and a glass of (Apothic red) wine, I’m Honestly happy I did so. Next week, I am busting out miles:running with my friend Tuesday, a mid week short-long run on Wednesday, definitely some speedwork, and a 20 on Saturday. A perfect mix of all things running ...I’m already excited and looking forward to the hard work πŸ™‚

How was your weekend?


9 thoughts on “Oh what a night!!

  1. It was a fun night! You had a great speech… I had to fight back tears. I came away with a great silent auction item! Did a long run (long for me) 4 miles Sunday… it was the only thing I did… it was rough but worth it in the end!! And beat last weeks time!!

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