Birthday shoutout, This weeks obsessions, and today’s the benefit!!!!!

Happy Saturday everybody!
This has been the looooongest week ever. Is it just me, or did they add extra days between Monday and Friday?

Tonight is my benefit!!!! A whole amazing team of people organize this event. They (we)work diligently on it, starting back in November. The event not only raises money for me to run the marathon for Children’s, but also for a ton of other charities and incredible causes in the area.
Anyway, it’s been a busy week making sure family/friends are coming, and also for last minute donations rolling in. There is nothing like seeing your hard work paid off though! I am proud of all my coworkers who’ve put in countless hours in prep work!
(some pics from previous years!)





Today I’m going for a long run with my new friend, Kristina. Pretty exciting to have local company on a long run!:)

These are the things I have been obsessed with this week….
My old Faithful sneakersIt took me a solid week to once again put my Brooks Ghost 5’s back on my feet. My toes (the nails) were very unforgiving due to the stress I put them under during the marathon. Sorry toes. On Sunday, I put them on again, and I’m happy to report that we are now BFF’s again. There is something SO comforting about your favorite shoe. I have been running in the Ghost since the 3, and will most likely be in them forever.. or as long as Brooks keeps making them . If they ever stop, I am going to have to max out a credit card on stockpiling those babies. Just kidding. Maybe I’m not?) I wore my Pureflows all last week and while I LVOE them, the comfort that the Ghost provides my foot cannot be compared to anything else. Its like my feet are being taken care of and pampered during my runs by a tiny shoe fairy!

Jelly Beans From starburst, to jelly belly beans, and on to my new favorite, Jolly Ranchers Jelly beans—I cannot get enough. Why is it that Easter candy SO very hard to pass up?? The only thing I dislike is the serving sizes: really? 20 servings per a bag?? Jolly Rancher was obviously not accounting for my RUNGER and also that I just REALLY love CANDY. And this just in…in the battle of the best jelly bean around..Jolly Rancher Jellies take the lead….

(this is all that’s left from the bag I bought on Tuesday..oops)
Researching Saturday Half marathons. I have put more time into this than I would like to admit. But I CANNOT understand why more marathons are not on Saturdays. Then, you have Sunday to rest. What is the logic? Seriously, if you know this, please tell me. My friend and I talk about this all the time. We signed up for a half together in April on a Sunday but wished we had found a Saturday one. Three weeks after we registered, I got an email for a different race, same weekend as ours…but on the Saturday OH Gods of the Marathon! Why must you MOCK me???

This Website..this is the coolest tool I have found online in a while..A marathon time comparison tool. Basically..if you want to find out how long it would take you to run, say, the New York City Marathon, and you have recently run the Baystate Marathon, the tool lets you plug in your recent marathon times and converts them for you. I have compared practically every marathon I have ever been interested in to find my converted times.



And lastly, a shout out:….even though today is also the benefit…it is my best friend “Wifey” ‘s Birthday!! This special girl is willing to spend her big day at the bene and did not complain once! She is pretty dam amazing!!! I can’t wait to see her later and give her some big birthday hugs!!



I’m off and running for the day!

I hope your day/weekend is wonderful, who’s running today?

Run Free, Run Strong!


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