Blogger meet ups , froyo, and happy bday to my mama!

Last night I had my first froyo blogger meet up! We(my blog friend and I) learned that it really is a small, small world. Two complete strangers found one another through commenting on a completely different bloggers post…come to find out-we actually were both in almost the same exact spot of the marathon finish line when the bombs went off-within 10-15 ft from one another. Wanna hear something even more strange??? We live within walking distance from one another, Aaand not a long walk, either.
Life is funny and throws you new friends just when you need them! Anyway, Kristina at FastandFoodiest is pretty great-she is going to kick ass at Boston this year, and she makes delicious looking should check her out!

Today is my Mamas birthday!!!! Because I am pretty sure she does NOT read the blog, I will tell you that I am SO EXCITED to give her bday present to her-a GPS watch. She loved mine and she is a walker so I know she will love it and be excited to use it.

Anyway, as a tribute to my Mama on her special are my Favorite Things that my mama has taught me….

1.) Never leave dirty dishes in the sink, and always make your bed. If you do this-your house will always look clean. She got this advice on her wedding day from my great Aunt Bobbie-and she never forgot it. My mom is also a little bit OCD with her cleaning and house. SOME of this passed to me(not all). But I will tell you this-if I don’t make my bed, it haunts me all day long. I am always scared that someone will see my unmade bed if I don’t rush to make it when I get home. Sooo..basically I want to make sure my bed is made for a robber??

2.) If you call in sick to work, you had BETTER be sick. My mom always enforced this with her children. You cannot undervalue the importance of hard work. If I didn’t go to school because I was sick-I couldn’t go out later with my friends, either. No ifs ands or buts. And I will tell you this…if I do not go to work, even still, I MUST be sick. I won’t even allow myself to go running. I can’t stand the thought of lying to my boss and it would haunt me alllllll day of I called into work because I was too lazy to go.

3.) And that is my lead in for #3..Never lie and lying is for losers. I didn’t always practice this one. I think it took a part of my late teens/early 20s to learn this. Nobody is perfect, and I learned hard lessons! Trust can be so easily taken away and nearly impossible to earn back. And, nobody deserves to be lied to!

4.) No TV in the bedroom. I realize this is a difficult one to accept since nearly every human being nowadays has a tv in their bedroom. But hear me out: not having a tv in the bedroom forces you to spend time as a family, together. Yes, of course there was fighting over the TV when I was a kid. But, we had a LOT of laughs, too over the awesome family time. My husband and I fought tooth and nail over this. We have one in there….and I only use it to do workout videos. #WINNING

5.) No cooking bacon in the house. My husband just reminded me of this one. But my mom never let my bacon Lovin dad (or his messy daughter) cook bacon on the stove (in a pan) because it was soooooooooooooooooooo messy. This one is on here purely for laughs so that you get a small glimpse into my childhood.

6.) Family Time:it is SO important. at 4:30 every night, we sat down together for dinner as a family. No excuses (well, unless I was working) A family who eats together, stays together. I am still a firm believer in this now. My husband and I eat dinner together every single night. She also always planned fun excursions for us to do together. It took me into my 20’s to truly value them as I should’ve been valuing them all along.

Thanks Mom for all of your hard work! Your two daughters love you to the moon and back!And! HAPPY Birthday, Mom!! 21 never looked so good!

What are some values your mom/parents taught you?

Happy Hump Dayyyyy!!!!!


12 thoughts on “Blogger meet ups , froyo, and happy bday to my mama!

  1. We currently have no TV in the bedroom but I feel I am going to lose the battle eventually…

    Re: above comment – Baking the bacon is amazing. No mess and less risk of burning it (which I have done from time to time). mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bacon.

  2. That’s really fun you met up with another blogger! I have several I’d like to meet someday (obviously you’re on the list, duh).

    Happy Birthday to your mom!! She sounds like an awesome lady. I love the pics. I do have to say though, I couldn’t have lived there with the no bacon rule, but thankfully now they have the bacon you can microwave which is a lifesaver for me because we hate the mess it makes, too.

  3. We always ate together as a family, too. Mike and I also eat together every single night that we possibly can- sometimes he even waits for me to get home from the Museum to eat is “big” meal! Nothing like 11:30PM dinner! We are a no TV in the bedroom house, for sure.

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