Finally… The weekend! And some randomness that you would expect for a Saturday.

Anybody else feel like this weekend took its sweet sweet time getting here?
What an exhausting week. Let’s start from today and work backwards, shall we?

I usually know at the beginning of the week what I plan on doing for long run Saturday. Today I am giving myself a “pass” on the number of miles I will run today. I’m going to go totally based on how I am feeling. I could do 10, I could do 20..who knows! Sometimes it’s freeing to think like this!

I left work and decided to hit my favorite wine store, Tutto Bene…I really love this store. When I walked in, my favorite wine person was already holding a bottle of my favorite wine.. How cool is she?? (for the record, I haven’t been there since Christmastime) This bottle will last for the weekend.

Just kidding…I bought three bottles. MAYBE I’ll share?! πŸ˜‰

And they have this sweet chocolate section (and special cheeses, too) so I had to get my favorites for a Friday Win.

Ahh, Sweet Bliss…how I love thee…


After my wine adventure, I went running. Outside. And it was COLD. 30 minutes after I came in, the cold was still radiating off of my clothes. Freaky. And ENOUGH already. Brrr.
This is how cold it is was…I couldn’t bear to take off my tights that I wore to work… don’t be jealous of my sweet look…


Thursday night was date night. at my favorite watering hole, Owen and Ollie’s. It was Soooooo good. I got an amazing chicken parm and a caramel apple martini. Yum, yum, yum.


My husband was pretty excited about this beer..apparently the closest place before this that sold it was New York? Nicole’s Review: It was good. And it was beer. That is my two cents fo free.πŸ˜‰



Weekly runs(backwards):
Friday: 9 miles… 1:26 minutes. I started slow,and progressively got slower due to the temps continuously dropping and freezing me out.
Thursday: 7 miles in 52 minutes.
Wednesday: 7 miles in 56 minutes.
Monday & Tuesday:Off.

Oh! And how could I forget!
These babies were waiting for me when I got home yesterday!


If you haven’t noticed by now, I am really a Brooks girl, through and through. I love everything everything about the company, from their apparel, to their slogans.
Like this one:

And this one:

It’s so important to me to remember why I run: It makes me so happy! Even during bad runs, I am still happy that I went.

Beer/Lagerlovers..anybody tried Yuengling?

who’s doing a long run today?!

Everybody enjoy your weekend, and Run Free, Run Strong!


22 thoughts on “Finally… The weekend! And some randomness that you would expect for a Saturday.

  1. My first thought was one bottle of wine will last the whole weekend!? Lol. Glad you got three, that’s more like it ;). Where is that store?

    Congrats on your awesome PR last weekend! You rock! Sorry I’m just commenting about it now. Hope you had a great long run! Will you be watching the Grammy’s with some of that wine?

      • Thank you for the congrats!!:)
        The store is in downtown Lowell-now that you are closer to me it probably wouldn’t tame you that long to get to! I love it there! You know what else is good by you is McKinnons-it’s a food store but it’s full of all really great cuts of meat, cheeses, etc. yum! I will be watching the Oscars with that wine-most definitely!!:)
        hope you’re doing great and being in your new home is an easy transition for you!

    • Thanks Nicole! Not easy, but getting there. I’m loving being in a more convenient location. I just got a flyer in the mail for McKinnons in the mail so I’ll have to check or out. Lowell is only 30 minutes from me now and I have an aunt who lives there and takes my girls overnight often so I’ll be checking out your fav wine store for sure! Thanks for all the great restaurant/store recommendations. πŸ™‚

  2. Yay new shoes!! Sounds like a nice weekend so far!

    And I’m not much of a drinker, but I had to comment on the Yuengling. We have a friend who grew up here in RI, but now lives in FL. He’s so obsessed with that beer, he regularly goes the their brewery in Tampa. He’s also gone on the brewery tour in PA, where I guess it’s built into a mountain or something equally ridiculous. I don’t know. I hate beer. LOL

    For your hubby (now you’ll have to plan a road trip):

  3. Oh my goodness where do you even live? Yuengling is everywhere, at every bar and at the grocery stores! It’s pretty cheap too so we have it a lot since it’s good for a cheaper beer. I’ve never heard anyone say it like it’s some crazy craft beer or anything though! Maybe it’s mostly an East Coast thing? Your date night looks super fun…especially the fancy martini!

    • Maybe it is a New England thing, that’s funny! I live about 45 minutes north of Boston.
      Yes my husband noticed the cheapness too, I think that helped seal the deal bc sometimes alcohol gets pricey! (Ahem, like my martini?:))

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