Funnies for your Friday: A guest post from my Wifey!

Below is a guest post from my girlfriend who came to the Hyannis Marathon with me. The post itself is written by my friend, “Wifey” and the pictures are a collaborative effort from my two girlfriends who came! (Wifey and BFF/Biggest Fan) Since the beginning of February, she’s been promising me a guest post, and she came through this week! I hope you enjoy my funny friends as much as I do. Like I have said before….I am so lucky to have them!

Introducing: “The girls who watch their friend run EVERYWHERE!”

There is nothing like a SOBER night away from home (and away your beloved electric blanket) in a questionably clean and cold hotel room, to show you how much your friends really mean to you and that it is a proven fact you can have fun together anywhere!

I have been promising Nicole a guest blog post for weeks on end. It really started when I mentioned to Nicole “Hey, you know what bloggers do? They have fellow bloggers do a guest blog” and then I went ahead and accepted my own invitation to write a piece for her! LOL!! Then, week after week, I would taunt her with great ideas I had to write about, but yet never putting the time aside to complete it! Finally, I said “That is it, this girl can run a marathon, I can certainly take some time to write a few things down.”

Now “lesbi-honest” (Pitch perfect reference!)

I am not a writer.

I have never been into writing.

I can still clearly remember convincing my cousin to write my English papers in college! (Yes it is that bad)

However, what I am into is, photos and friendships!
Soooo BOOOOM here it is….. my VISUAL – guest blog post!

Collage of Cape photos:
*this pic is in honor of the song we sang ALL weekend (correction:rapped). We became Salt Pepper and Spinderella!



(Awww I use to have a Vizsla, so this really makes this photo THAT much better!!)

Sers, look how stinken cute she is!!!


And here she comes!!!!!



OMG! Really Ryan?! You loved it?! Aww that is so sweet of you! Thank you!

******* In conclusion, here is your blog, BLOG face!!!! Who loves ya?!!! WE Do!!! WE DO!!! (and we will keep lying to ourselves and say Ryan Gosling loves you too!!)

XO, Wifey

Happy start to your weekend!!! ..not to bring up an already sore subject..but did anybody see the weather for Sunday/Monday? I HATE it.

Questions of the day…
-Any random questions for Wifey? I will assure you now..she rather enjoys randomness, so don’t be shy.

-If you had to use one (or 5) word(s) to sum up your hilarious moments with your friends, what would it be??!


9 thoughts on “Funnies for your Friday: A guest post from my Wifey!

  1. Haha, I love it. Nice photo blog – who needs writing! Let’s face it, most people like the pictures more anyway. And don’t even talk about the weather. I’m seriously moving to Florida, like, tomorrow.

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