Post marathon runs

are you sure it’s not Friday? I think it is. Only the calendar says it’s NOT.

Last night was my first post marathon run. I felt good the whole time and ended up running 7 miles in 53 minutes. Not bad for the first day back and I felt pretty good the whole time.

I plan to run today-another easy 7 shake out. I can’t stand taking too many days off-running clears my head and helps me focus.

For me, running a marathon has a way of motivating me to push farther, and GET BETTER. Yes, I’m still a little tired. But i know what I want…a 3:30 marathon. And I’m THISCLOSE to getting it.

(I love that picture!)

how many days off do you take after running a distance race?

Run Free, Run Strong!


8 thoughts on “Post marathon runs

  1. I can’t believe you are running already – AND 7 miles!! After my last marathon I took three weeks off before I attempted putting my legs to use again. My body needed some major time off. I have the same goal as you – a 3:30 marathon. Cheers to that!

  2. Being that my “distance” thus far has been 5K, I’m good with none. LOL

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. You can totally grab 3:30. I don’t doubt it for a second!

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