Things that can make you CRY while you survive LIFE after the marathon…

Monday morning… It is Hated by almost everyone. It is the weekend killer, the spoiler of sleep and fun.(if you do not hate Monday-then you hate another day..everybody has their own version of Monday)

Monday morning…after a marathon? it’s a new brand of torture and dread. Let’s talk about Day 1 of marathon recovery, shall we, friends?

Today’s aches and pains are brought to you by…
.…A Terrible Nights Rest….
I went to work today for 7 am after pulling another (nearly) all nighter.
Yes, after three terrible nights of sleep, I got around 2 hours last night. Um, did I tell you a ran a marathon yesterday? I lay in bed all night, but sleep just would not come.


It ain’t easy…but somebody’s gotta do it…

Painful realizations of hidden aches In my body have been mocking me every move I make.. The simplest things are throwing me for a loop!

Shoes .
are a particularly painful brand of torture. I wore a pair of size 8 1/2 boots. They’re a size and a half too big…yet my feet were so swollen, the boots were skin tight on me. Every step I took, I could feel every single one of my toe beds pressing into the toenail. What is that? have you ever felt toe pain? It is very strange. Along with ten cryin’ digits came the feeling of Fat Feet. My feet felt squished and squeezed all day: each step was brutal. All you pregnant ladies out there who have complained about this-I give you props. I have had sore feet for like one minute and I want to cry. #youaremyheros

The day after a marathon, walking is obviously difficult. But today? I carefully weighed my decisions on if I ABSOLUTELY HAD to move. I teared up a little when I had to get off my chair and walk to the bathroom. I cried a little a ton inside when I had to park on the 3rd floor of my parking garage this morning. My thoughts ranged from “will I make it down the stairs and back up later?” to “I hope there is no one behind me because girlfrien’ is takin’ the steps one at a time”. #memereintraining

We’re all friends here so I’m just gonna say it…
I don’t really get it a whole lot in the winter-it’s more of a summer thing for me due to high humidity….Today….I am chaffed.
Oh sports bra..why do you cut me so deep? I have NEVER had chaffing from this particular sports bra, so I’m even more bummed that it could possibly be heading into the retirement community known as ….the trash barrel. I also have the CHAFF in other areas known as areas that We Will Not Be Discussing, Needless to say, I had a hard time pullin up my big girl pants today….this from the girl who has worn real clothes (aka not yoga pants) twice in the past 10 days.

Moving. Just ….Moving
Seemingly easy activities like bending to pick up that stapler you dropped….caused intense back pain today. (The GD yoga). When I hopped off my chair to get something off the printer-I found it hard not to grimace and shout out to the world “OWWWWWWWWW”. I was pretty proud of myself for staying on my feet today.

Post Marathon Stomach
Ironically, I could eat you out of house and home before the marathon. But once it’s all said and done? I am actually not very hungry-and besides a single beer-I really don’t go crazy eating. I didn’t even have any snacks today! Crazy. I think it has something to do with Gu/Powerbar gels. I’m sorry if you love 😍them, and yeah, I know they are necessary…but… they are disgusting. Nobody would CHOOSE to eat them because they are a culinary delight.

And the last thing that made me tear up happened today when I got home from work…brace’s devestating!!!!!

For the record…it is perfectly acceptable to drink wine, on a Monday immediately following a marathon, at 4:45pm. But, have NO FEAR…Lucky for me, my husband recognized the emergency signs in his desolate wife and hightailed it to the store…I’m a happy girl!


So, Even though I am experiencing all of these crazy marathon side effects…Tomorrow/Wednesday I plan to do a couple easy miles to ease myself back into running. (Shake out runs help, I swear) Amidst my terrible aches and pains…I truly cannot wait to get back out there and start pounding pavement! I know I have earned a break…but..,I now have BOSTON to look forward to and focus on! Eyes on the prize….always!


What are some post race things that have happened to you?

Run Free, Run Strong!


6 thoughts on “Things that can make you CRY while you survive LIFE after the marathon…

  1. There never seem to be enough pancakes in the world after a race. At least for me. I need my own personal pancake provider post-race. Is that a thing? I’m also totally with you on the swollen feet. A friend gave me a foot bath for relief and I must say, it works amazingly. Have a good run!

    • Haha how funny is he!!!! I love it!! Well. I didn’t WANT to come to work/school-but I had just had a whole ten days off because of February break, so I really couldn’t justify it! But it’s day 2 and oh man I wish I was still in bed!

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