Hyannis Recap, I have the bestest besties ever, and a new PR!!!

I would have gotten this up here last night, but I like to take my time with race recaps. After all, a whole bunch of people took the time to plan it, and I took the time to register and train for it. You got give credit where it’s due!

So. Lets start this post out by letting you all know that I have two of the BEST FRIENDS that a gal could EVER ask for. EVER. (sidenote:just so you know-I have MANY more friends than these two, Who are also just as amazing. If you are one of the others out there reading this..HI! Xoxo)

My two friends that came with me are my Wifey and my BFF.

Everytime I go away for a night with my friends, I come home FUNNIER than I left. Our car rides and trips are SO RANDOM, there is never a conversational topic that is off the table, and we Always give each other great advice. Also-music plays a HUGE part in our vacations. As BFF would say, “I love that everytime we go away together, there is one song that we listen to endlessly, over and over, and everytime we hear that song it brings us back to that moment in time” —->I love that about us. Our girls trips, over the years, can really be summed up by SONGS-whether it’s “We’re the 3 best friends that anyone ever had” (yes,from the HANGOVER), or “Call me Maybe”… These songs bring me back to these fun, hilarious moments that are frozen in time! Thanks again girls for taking the time out of your busy lives to come with me! I Love you!I am truly blessed and eternally grateful to have these gals in my life.

So. Saturday began with our 3 hour road trip to the cape. (Stupid road construction on the bridge). Ughhhh.

(The bridge..so close but so far away)

(I hope you’re singing “cause we’re the 3 best friends that anyone ever had” in your heads right now)

We picked up my number, and finally checked into the hotel (Hyannis Travel Inn). We were SUPER starving, so we decided to head to British Beer Company for food. It was only a 4 minute walk, but since we are so cool I was lazy-we drove. (hey I ran a marathon today-four minutes COUNTS. and it was WINDY.

Food. It was AMAZING. there is one by us in Westford, MA, and we always love it there. We went big…apps(buffalo chicken dip), meals(BBQ chicken pizza) and a brownie sundae. WOLF. (Sorry-no pics, I was way too busy inhaling the food)

I tried to tell my fun friends to go out and rip up the town, but after ALL THAT FOOD….we rolled our big bad selves back to the hotel…I don’t even WANT to disclose what time we were in Jammie’s by, but it’s only fair to be honest…6:45. Yeah. Granny called…she wants her slippers back..

But since we always have so much fun together- it led to many many games of “kill,marry,screw”, and “would you rather”(a funny game where you have to pick two impossible things and choose between the two-Example:would you rather be on pregnancy related bed rest for 9 months or run a marathon) So, millions of laughs were had and my abs hurt when I woke up because my friends are SO FUNNY.

Now some pre-marathon related things.
A few fun facts for you:
-in an attempt to keep my mind of running and that I was tapering..I did yoga on Friday. I learned that I like running Wayyyyyy better than yoga
-I woke sore on Saturday, from yoga. Yoga.
Perhaps… I underestimated yoga. (Dam yoga)
-I had bad sleeps on Thursday and Friday, and extremely little sleep Saturday. (Saturdays good night sleep was stolen by my hotel. It was a little yucky and was VERY COLD.
-I cannot sleep without a fan. Ever. Our hotel didn’t have working fans.
-the hotel was dirty and we were unsure if the sheets were changed after later finding a sticker under the covers. (ps..DONT STAY THERE.)

…dawned an absolutely GORGEOUS running day. I told the girls “weather like this is like runners porn.” For real-mid forties at the start, very little wind? YES PLEASE.

I was a little cranky with myself that I hadn’t slept. And weirdly-the top of my left foot hurt. (from YOGA!!!!!) I wasn’t feeling “my best self”. But the show goes on and I doubt Hyannis wanted to postpone so I could get a catnap in?? Yes, I think not.

Some pre-marathon foods (don’t worry I had real stuff too)

(Starburst jelly beans are actually the best pre run food/jelly beans-no you are not Actually allowed to disagree with me-and I love pb!)

Now, you all know I adore the Boston Marathon. My blood runs purely full of Gold and Blue Unicorns. My heart beats to the tone of runners footsteps on the hills. But…there is something to be said for local, smaller, marathons. It started at 10:00 and the girls and I left the hotel at 9:45. And I was there by 9:48. It was so freaking easy. Everything about the starting line was easy, easy, easy.


One of the best things about the start of a marathon is the national anthem… I ALWAYS take my headphones off and fully listen..it is one of the most beautiful things and always makes me tear up.

On your marks, get set, GO!!!
I started soooo strong. On fire! By mile 5, I realized I needed to tone it down a bit…I was going so fast that I knew I would burn out by the end. My splits for the first 5 miles:8:09, 7:40, 7:35, 7:30, 7:20..I mean who doesn’t love negative splits?!? I slowed it down a bit-The rest of the first 13.1 were in the low 8 range.

Because I’m not altogether sure where to put these, I will put my housekeeping facts on Hyannis smack in the middle of this post.
-a small fact: Hyannis Marathon: there were about 3,000 half marathoners….and only 351 marathoners.
-number pickup was seamless. Thanks Hyannis!
-I wish the mile markers were more clear. They were extremely low to the ground and not really within eye sight.
-I like smaller races-but the way the crowds thinned out for the marathon at the double loop mark was crazy-I wish it was either fully separate from the half, or that they would allow more than 400 places for the full. Those are my only complaints!

I have to say that I really wasn’t feeling it today… at all. my foot was sore, I was sleepy and the thought crossed my mind that I wanted to stop at the half. (I know.) Its just too tempting when it’s a double loop course to just take the shorter fork.

Sometimes, you have to re-focus and remember what you have brought to the table. Great training, hard work, and super effort. That thought dawned on me by mile 13-and I was ready to BRING IT ON.

By the time the course split (for the full) I was REALLY shocked at how few people were still on it. I have never once run a course that wasn’t packed with other marathoners, so it felt…awkward. There was noticeable space between each runner. But I did what I do best during competition….pass one person at a time. Now, please don’t think I am being mean…I have to focus this way in order to improve my speed. After each person I passed,I re-adjusted my speed so that I was a schooch faster than I was before, therefore, I was always comfortable with my new speed. I knew I had been slower than I wanted so far, but I was on pace to do at least 3:38.

Enter:The Rudest Runner That Ever Ran
I was doing negative 7 mile splits for 13-18. There was this one woman who I had passed earlier who would not stop trying to pass me. I freely admit-I used her as fuel to get faster…but a few times, I heard her saying LOUD THINGS as I was speeding up, but my headphones drowned her out.(and why would I think she was being mean? Runners arent mean!) However, at mile 18-as my headphone kept falling off and she tried to pass me…I heard her say “What the F*** is your problem” to which I replied “‘why are you SO RUDE???” She then said I was trying to “block her” and cussed some more at me.

Honestly, we were running on wide, UN-CROWDED roads. She could have gone around me-on either side..we weren’t in a crowd, trust me. I was furious with her bad-ttitude and crass language. At this point-I didn’t want her negative energy around me, and I didn’t care that she went by. Let me be clear-if we weren’t running a marathon-I WOULD HAVE thrown down with her right there, on the street. BUT. that’s not what it’s about. Friendly competition and peace are the name of the game for marathoners.

My heart hurt a little after that. When I was not a “faster runner”, people would always ALWAYS encourage me saying wonderful things like “you got this!”, “you’re almost there!” In turn, I have learned to be that encouraging person..today alone I told so many women how I liked various pieces of their outfits, and congratulated countess other runners on an awesome run. I have NEVER met a rude runner. And it made me sad. One part of me wanted to speed up and pass her, but let’s face it….I was already going on adrenaline fumes, and I let my bubble be burst. #lessonslearned

I slowed way down to low 9 minute miles after that..things were HURTING-like my Calves and oddly, lower back, and even my toes of my swollen foot (I blame all this on yoga!) I ended up pulling off a PR still at 3:45 and being the 10th woman in my age group. I shouldn’t be TOO mad. I know I am harder on myself than anyone else. A few wise friends have said to me today:

Save it for Boston! An early bday gift!

There are always more 26.2’s

AND THEY ARE RIGHT. lessons learned, and I can move on. Maybe no yoga next time? (and all jokes aside-YES, I KNOW, I shouldn’t have done the yoga!) Maybe I need to bring a fan everywhere I go so I can sleep? Maybe I give the people’s elbow to rude people runners? Maybe all these things!


The finish line was great and the 99 provided an awesome post run soup! It really was a wonderful treat! I know there was lots of other foods too, but truly we wanted to get outta there ASAP so we wouldnt hit terrible bridge traffic on the way back.

I would do this marathon again-however I’m not sure I would do it of I was a slower runner-I think if I was out on the course solo-I would have gotten lost. The mile markers aren’t 100% clear-and the trickle of people would make it hard to “follow the crowd” and know where others are heading . I would abso-freaking-lutely recommend then half for any level of running- there are so many runners, it’s impossible to get lost! Also-props to the volunteers-you were awesome!

(I would also like to thank Shakira, Bruno, Maroon 5, black eyed peas, Eric Church, my girl Katy perry and a few others for guest starring in my run today. Ya’ll sang your hearts out and kept my feet moving!)

Overall-a great weekend with my amazing friends. Life is too precious and short not to embrace your best moments. I know this one was one of mine.

Who doesn’t want RG at the finish line?! Haha!!–>they are sooo funny..I won’t even disclose the full story on this yet because I will have a surprise guest blog post for you soon from these fabulous ladies!!)

(isn’t my medal pretty!)

Even when things hurt, there are lessons to be learned. I did not hit my goal time. It is not always “my day”. And hey, I DID PR with a 3:45. So it ain’t all bad. 😉 There are always more 26.2s for me to PR in!


DISCLAIMER: all opinions are my own. I was not provided a free race entry or compensation in exchange for this recap.


11 thoughts on “Hyannis Recap, I have the bestest besties ever, and a new PR!!!

  1. Can’t believe you ran into a rude runner. Once the half marathoners finished there was so much room! I see my name 5 places down from you! This was my first marathon looking forward to many more! Great Job!!!

  2. Congrats on the PR! Always a great feeling. It also had to kill you not to throw the rude runner down! That had to be frustrating to say the least.

  3. Sounds like a great time with your friends and not a terrible race overall! That woman sounds like a complete witch!! There’s just no need for that. Congrats on your PR!!

  4. you are going to kick Boston’s butt! It is really hard to focus when the crowds are thin- and rude people are just awful. I think you did amazing and rest up this week!

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