Confessional Friday

Pacing. Waiting. Anxiety. Distress. Angst. Distrust(in my training).
Needless to say: I am a solid bundle of nerves right now. I literally cannot wait to get to the starting line. To me:the starting line represents all the hard work I have done to get me to that point. It is the culminating peak of my training. It’s my “party”, and I get to celebrate it by running my ass off towards my goal!

All I want to do right now is run, but I’m going to hold these crazy endorphins inside so that I can be AT MY BEST for Sunday. Eeek!!!!!

Anyway..Now that that is out of the way…happy Friday everybody! These are my confessions for the week ๐Ÿ™‚

Confession #1
I have been stalking weather bug,, and the weather channel like it is my j-o-b. forecast is getting warmer every time I check!

Confession #2
It is actually a heck of a lot harder to pack for an overnight trip that includes a marathon than I thought it would be. I normally don’t travel for a race because I like to run locally, sleep in my own bed the night before and come right home after. With a 2 1/2 hour drive to the start-there really is no choice but to stay overnight. So. The packing. I have three pairs of pants and countless shirts packed because I truly am unsure of what the weather will turn out being. Add to that the fact that I won’t have the conveniences of my own kitchen. Soo. That means I’m bringing along lots of snacks!

Confession #3
Whenever I make my favorite dinner, “The Amazing” I make extras. I get so excited that I have extras that I end up eating it for breakfast. Yup. Buffalo chicken and salad at 9am? Don’t mind if I do!


Confession #4
Prefontaine was on TV this morning.
I could not turn it off-running motivation at its finest! I’m taking it as a sign for good things to come, thanks Pre!

I hope that everybody has a great weekend!
What running movies do you use to motivate you?

For those of You racing this weekend, best of luck!


8 thoughts on “Confessional Friday

  1. Good luck this weekend! The nerves you are feeling is a good thing – you will rock it!!! I don’t have a go-to running movie, but when I really want to be inspired and feel girl power, I watch G.I. Jane. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love that you ate that for breakfast. LOL. I would eat that at any hour of the day, I LOVE buffalo chicken.

    good luck to YOU on Sunday!

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