3 days til race day& an Ode to Spring

I will say this:The constant snowy weather makes me very lazy.

Real clothes? Overrated.
Shoes? No thanks I’ll take my new slippers.

Yoga pants and slippers have been my outfit of choice as of late. I really can’t get on board with dressing up and I love to dress up. And actually-for me, dressing up is usually cute dresses and skirts. Right now? Dressing up has changed to “jeans or anything bedsides my sports bra and running clothes”

And this complaining is brought to you by a girl who has been outside running all winter long.

I actually find myself daydreaming of spring in Boston…these are some gorgeous pics i have found:


Boston Public Garden in the spring

You all will have to come visit in the spring. It is quite beautiful to see the trees blooming and flowers sprouting.
After a very long, bitterly cold, snowy winter-Spring is a welcome gift around here. You will find people grinning ear to ear for no reason at all except that it’s pretty and warm outside. Yes, the regrowth of vegetation around us has a magical way of waking up the soul! So please have a heart spring and come early,we beg you.

In racing news… It’s early enough that I can do this and almost believe it:


No snow? 40 for the start? Perfection if you ask me!

If you aren’t a New Englander like me-What’s spring like where you are?

Everybody sick of winter or just me??

Run Free, Run Strong!


16 thoughts on “3 days til race day& an Ode to Spring

  1. I am a transplanted New Englander, but I’ve spent the majority of my springs down here in North Carolina. The springs down here are GORGEOUS, and if you haven’t experienced it, you have to come down. It’s like upper 70s always, you can lay out in the park in your bathing suit, drink outside at night, and there is NEVER snow. My only complaint is because we have ridiculous trees and flowers is that your allergies will make you miserable down here!

  2. Spring is relative here in Arkansas. Despite the fact that it’s February, it’s 65 degrees right now. It’ll probably dip back down below freezing though soon. Last year we got snow in May. It’s just really a toss up what season it’ll feel like when you go outside that day.

  3. Pretty pictures! Spring in Virginia is great most of the time but can get very hot and sticky. I did a triathlon in April a few years back and it was over 100 degrees and humid ๐Ÿ˜ฆ not crazy common, but we certainly have our share of 80+ temps in April and May and it can get uncomfortable. However, all of that sounds wonderful right now after this horrible winter!

  4. Very, very sick of winter….of snow, then rain, then freezing rain, cold wind, etc!!! The groundhog said an early spring….I want to know where it is! I am dreaming of seeing my flower bulbs bloom that I planted in the fall!

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