Becoming a better runner, snow, & delightful treats

I must be a glutton for punishment because I was out running yesterday and it snowed AGAIN. This is what I looked like when I came inside

Once again, a complete white out day. Grrrrrrr.
The snow was so thick that the moment I finished shoveling, it came back again, full force:

And according to my husband, there is a salt shortage in MA and that’s why all the roads are so very slippery. Say what? A salt shortage? My response:”can’t they just make more?” (This shows you that I have blonde moments and that I do not, in fact, have any clue where salt comes from)

So this is what I did with my day after running….


Maple bacon cupcakes…(AAAAHHHH-MAYZINGGGGGG) there is such a thick layer of frosting because frosting is the key to happiness. #Truestory

Anyway, before I made the decision to run the full marathon for Hyannis, I took a look back at my previous times for the half...


(yes I actually got worse the second year.)
I plan to do the Full 26.2 in only ONE HOUR more than I did the half.

I have talked a lot about what has made me a better and faster runner.
You can reread my linked previous posts but to recap a few tips…

I didn’t always eat right, or enough. Proper fueling is very important if you are planning on hitting your target distances. Running out of steam mid run has happened to me plenty of times. (Bring money/debit card with you when running outside in case this happens to you!)

Good Planning.
I take the time to plan out my running week. I have to know which days I will run what: this has always helped me to visualize what I want to get done. Sometimes some mental prep is all it takes to get you where you want to go.

Proper resting.
Too much of a good thing can be just that….too much. Remember to rest. This IS a proven fact for one of the ways that make you faster.

Do different types of runs.

I’ve always felt that Long slow distances produces long slow runners
-Sebastian Coe

Mix it up!! Sprints, intervals, fartlek’s, tempo runs, progressive runs, easy runs, long runs…These are some different kinds of runs you can do to mix up your training. When you focus on only one type, it is hard to improve. By switching it up, you keep your legs (and mind) fresh and intrigued. Don’t forget running on hills. I tackle a few crazy hills in my area a couple times a week. When I swap to flat terrain, I am soo very fast because these little legs are used to going up hills!

Yasso’s have helped a lot. And, My weekly Tempo run has shown me how to kill it later during the final hour of the marathon: when I feel my legs will give out-my body will remember it’s tempo runs.

Find your own motivation.
What motivates ME isn’t necessarily what motivates YOU. What will make you get up at the crack of dawn, while it is cold, depressing and dark and start to train? Everybody has something, what’s yours? Whether it’s chasing a PR, proving you CAN DO THIS, kicking off a “bucket list” item…find what speaks to you. I promise you that once you find your own ass kicker, it really is easy to get into BEAST MODE!

Set a goal.
Along the same lines of Motivation is Goal Setting (they actually are best friends). Setting a goal helps you improve. Maybe you want to run a half by the fall, or cut your half marathon time down by ten minutes..whatever it is, don’t let that goal out of your mind. Write it down, shout it out loud, tell all your friends so it makes you accountable!

Did you hear about that guy who won the marathon and did absolutely zero training? Neither did I. Your body will develop a routine through your training. It is amazing what you can push yourself to do. 13.1/26.2 IS possible, and if you’ve done that – a BETTER 13.1/26.2 is also possible.

Never give up.
Trust me-I am qualified to say this: I once ran a 6 1/2 hour marathon…now I am aiming for a 3:30… Anything is possible if you just believe it. ❤️

What has made you a better runner?
-time, age, and my husband!

Run Free, Run Strong!


10 thoughts on “Becoming a better runner, snow, & delightful treats

  1. I wish you luck in this! The weather is going to be amazing…what a treat when it comes to marathon running! I’m thinking about doing the marathon in Falmouth in October…we’ll see how that goes.

  2. You are totally going to kick butt! You are SO MUCH BRAVER than I am in the snow. You could definitely teach me a thing or two! I recognize the first photo- what street is the second? Driving home the other day was a real trip. Took 45 minutes to go 9 miles.

    Also, bacon cupcakes? DELICIOUS.

    • Haha well my bruised knees might disagree with you bc ice sometimes kicks my ass!! The second street is the street off of bridge st in (Pelham) as if you were going towards Hannafords(I don’t know the name
      Of it!)
      45 minutes for 9 miles would get me SOO angry-Traffic has been ridiculous! When will it end?!
      They are one of the best cupcakes I have ever had!

  3. I’ve known your story of doing your first marathon in 6.5 hours and how you do them in sub 4 hours now for a long time now but it still amazes me every time I hear it. You should be so proud of yourself, that is seriously incredible!!!

  4. Just becoming more educated has helped me a ton! I learned so much about pacing, new workouts, etc from reading every running article I came across and there was so much I did wrong when I first started that was so easy to fix if I had just known about it!

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