A DAY O FUN and all the random things that happened today.

My husband had today off of work so I took that as my opportunity to SEIZE THE DAY and make it into a DAY O FUN.

We set out with really no plan to the day, but I liked that. Have you ever noticed that the best days are often when you don’t plan them at all? I actually love that kind of day.

A little bit of random shopping…

I am obsessed with this color blue..I go through phases of being completely obsessed with certain colors. Move over mustard, you’re being edged out.

This shirt made me happy.

I randomly realized that I do not own slippers. Isn’t that weird? So I was on a mission today to get some tootsie warmers…
With slippers I say GO BIG or GO HOME..

just kidding…I wanted those but Greg said NO way lol so I got these..

And then we hit up the army surplus store ..wait… Your husband doesn’t make you go there all the time too?? my husband says that he limits the places we go shopping because I will find something in every single store. He was convinced there would not be one single thing I could want in there.
Umm hello…who would not want this??

(that is a skeleton face balaclava. How scary would I be running in that??)
A DAY O FUN always includes lunch (I love lunch.) I was getting pretty cranky after all that shopping and had to apologize to him for my HANGER. All was well with the world when this arrived in front of me…

That martini had rhubarb and an edible hibiscus flower in it. fun fact #876: my nana used to give my sis & I rhubarb with sugar when we were kids. And I also grow hibiscus flowers in my yard. Anything that makes me think of my nana makes my heart happy cause she was the coolest.
And these huge plates were just appetizers if you can believe that. And they were deeeelightful.. ummm buffalo chicken nachos? Are you kidding me? Who can say no to those?

We didn’t even put a dent in them, that’s how big they were.

And who doesn’t appreciate a good hair day? This is for the girls bc I love
When my hair curls perfectly:


I know what you are thinking.. Where is the running?? But today is a day off because in only six more days I will be already happily finished and on my way home from Hyannis. With a new PR set and a happy heart😍 Plus I get to hang out with some of my faaaaavorite peeps in the world. #lifeisgood

Tomorrow ANOTHER storm is hitting. Perfect. That Mother Nature sure knows me well. Just kidding..clearly she hates me

To all of my friends who are in Florida this week.. Here is your todo list:
-Go for a run in shorts and a tank
-Pretty please bring back the sunshine.

I hope everyone had a great start to their week! It’s yassos for me tomorrow on the treadmill since the storm will be hitting early!

tell me one randomly weird thing from your day.
-that mask. And the army surplus store.

I will live vicariously through you-tell me about today’s runs!

Run Free, Run Strong!


6 thoughts on “A DAY O FUN and all the random things that happened today.

  1. The Blackwater is good! I work down the street from it. Imagine the temptation! I think I like the Tuscan Kitchen a little more though! PS- I have a great 8 miler in that neighborhood…. just saying’ :)’

  2. Hi! I’m just catching up on your posts, life has been crazy town over here! We are in the midst of moving and then ended up in the hospital for 7 nights (during two stays, we went home a couple days and had to go back)with my daughter because of pneumonia. The good news is she is finally doing much better, hubby moved lots of stuff while I was in the hospital last weekend and I will actually be a lot closer to you (and that yummy restaurant you just posted about). Maybe we will have to meet up for a run sometime! I’m a solo runner to but running with a friend sounds so fun!

    I absolutely love the blue jacket and hat you have for the Marathon this weekend and can’t wait to see you get your PR! πŸ™‚

    • Erin!!!!!! I have been wondering where you have bee and have been secretly stalking your blog every once in a while to see if you posted anything!
      I can’t believe you had pneumonia, oh my god!!! 7 nights in a hospital is scary, I’m glad you guys are better now, that is crazy.
      Meeting up for a run sounds great!

  3. You totally should have overridden him and gotten those monster slippers. They’re amazing! That lunch place looks awesome – where is that?

    I say us New Englanders band together and kick Mother Nature’s ass. Deal?

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