17 miles& running through the snow

Today dawned, sunny and 75. JUST KIDDING, it was more like 25 and sadly, cloudy. With the Hyannis marathon only a weekend away, I knew I wanted to do a semi long run, but nothing too crazy (re:over 20 miles).

I left the house and it and started to snow. Honestly, I didn’t think it was supposed to be more than an inch or two, so I headed out anyway. By mile 11 it was starting to stick. In between 12-13 I was questioning my life decisions and began to think maybe I need to make better ones because at times the snow blinded me.

But …no big deal, I kept going. Even though there were times when the snowflakes felt like they were cutting my eyeballs..seriously sometimes it hurt..it was weird..

But, I didn’t want to be inside. Something about this week has made me feel claustrophobic- definitely from all of the snow we have gotten so far this winter. I got many a beep today from oncoming cars. Let’s be seriousyes-I know I must have looked insane. I was definitely not getting beeps because I looked oh-so-adorable in my winter double layered cold gear, thick running pants and down insulated vest: I looked crazy.

5 miles later I called it quits and came in-17 total, 2:20 at an avg pace of 8:14. I am sooooo ready for next weekend….eeek!!!!

During my crazy insane run today, I couldn’t help but think this thought:
Running through snow is a metaphor for life:
-sometimes it hurts (cause it can make you fall. Ok it makes ME fall. Yes, I fall a lot. (((((Ughhhhh)))))
-it is hard..just like life. LIFE is not easy and gives you obstacles. And hey-so does SNOW.
-even though we may not like running outside in sucky temperatures, we still push ourselves out the door…Just like having a bad day..you don’t give up..you go through it ANYWAY..
-it is not convenient to run through the snow. Well, actually, if I’m being truthful..it’s not convenient to run in the winter. Like ever.

But that’s running though, right? It’s not always easy. It’s not always fun. Sometimes you fail at runs, just like you can stumble in life.
But you’re a champ who will do it anyways.
A never giver upper.
A “weather doesn’t matter to me” person. NO… not a person…you’re a RUNNER.

Sooo..I ran 17 in a snowstorm today, while questioning whether or not it is a good idea. I’m cool with it. The way I see it is this-there will always be obstacles in my life..how I get through it is up to me. Today, I chose to go through itπŸ˜‰

have you ever pushed yourself through a less than ideal weather situation to run?

Did you workout today?! Let’s hear it!!

Run Free, Run Strong!!!


15 thoughts on “17 miles& running through the snow

  1. You’re so much better than I am! There was no way I was driving in the mess on Sunday morning to Foxboro (45 min on clean roads), running on the snow/ice and driving back. I didn’t bother with my race yesterday and still can’t believe they held it. People from my running club that live closer actually went and said the conditions were horrible. It was supposed to be a 5K and 10 Miler, but they cancelled the 10 Miler and it became a 5K and 10K (2 laps of the 5K).

    • Wow! I am shocked that they still held it- I would have been pretty angry if I had signed up for a race and on the morning of, they changed it on me- I would rather the cancellation!! It was really cold outside yesterday so you were probably better off not running it!

  2. great job! I fit in 19 on Saturday morning…. I CAN’T wait for a thaw! The roads are getting so narrow.
    Good luck on the last week of taper! I’ll be thinking of you while I mini-taper later this week for my half.

  3. This entire winter has been less than ideal here in Nova Scotia. It’s my first winter running and I just keep telling myself that spring/summer will be easy after all of this. Love this post and your analogy.

  4. We went running outside when it was about 5-10 degrees (a *big* deal in TN haha)…probably not necessarily the smartest idea. But the thing about really cold/sucky runs is that when the weather warms up a little, it feels amazing.

  5. My best-worst run…I was training for my first marathon & needed to get 18 miles in. I live in Tampa & got up super early to try to outrun a line of thunderstorms heading to the area. I made it 8 miles before the torrential rain & lightning started. I made it to my car & drove to the gym…and had to wait for it to open since it was well before 8:00 am. Finally got on the treadmill & ran 10…soaking wet from head to toe. It was miserable, but I knew if I could do that run, I could do 26.2 miles.

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