A tribute to my ❤️💕❤️ and a bunch of random pics


I was planning on doing a “Financial Friday” post today, however, in the spirit of LOVE and VALENTINES day…I wanted to make this a post dedicated to my main squeeze!

Before I met my husband, I hated Valentine’s Day. I thought of it as a cheesy mushy forced-romance holiday. I STILL think of it as cheesy, but I no longer think of it as forced. I love making my husband a fun homemade card. I have fun thinking up a themed meal for us (complete with the themed cocktail, of course).

These are the top five things I love about my husband:

-I love the way he teases me and is silly with me. I spend most of our time together laughing, even though it is at my own expense. He is really funny and sarcastic and always cracks me up.

-The way he loves me. I know, even though he mercilessly teases me, he loves the ever lovin sh*t outta me.

-I love that I think he is so handsome. Yeah, that is vain, I know, but he still gives me butterflies and after (nearly) five years together, hey I think that I pretty great. I don’t think it will ever go away. I also love how tall he is….his size makes me feel little and protected

-I love our history together so far..

* I love how we met: in a crowded dingy dive bar in our town ..my sister introduced because she already really liked him and haaaated all of my boyfriends. She wanted us together from the get go. I love how, that night, he couldn’t sleep for 3 days because he knew he had just met the girl he was going to marry.(we actually didn’t get together for six more months)

* I love how I knew on our first actual date that this man was my future and I was NEVER looking back.

* I love the way he proposed to me(about) two years later : On a rainy Wednesday afternoon in our living room. He gave me a box that was filled with memories of us..cards, concert tickets, movie stubs, letters, and at the bottom of this box was another long, narrow cardboard box. I opened it and on the inside was written “Will you marry me?” and it had the most beautiful ruby ring inside of it..I had seen a ring I loved on Etsy when we first started dating, but soon afterwards, the ring disappeared. I thought I would NEVER find anything else as beautiful as that. HE tracked down the designer and had one made just for me J

* And of course, I loved every minute of our wedding.

I love being his wife it is pretty freaking special knowing that somebody chose YOU to be their spouse. That they want to make people with you someday, and want to be with your (eventually) wrinkly old butt. Pretty darn special.


Even though this holiday is, in fact, a silly forced romance holiday, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Cheesy it may be, overall, it is still a day to tell people that you love them. Whether it’s your bestie, significant other, your Memere or your mama, shout your love from the rooftops. Give someone special a squeeze and a cheek kiss. And don’t forget there are people who love you too!

Happy Valentines Day!



8 thoughts on “A tribute to my ❤️💕❤️ and a bunch of random pics

  1. AWWWWWW. I have no valentine’s post today- just my hubby sharing some of HIS hilarious life. Happy Valentines day!

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