If I wasn’t a runner..

Somewhere between doing laundry, a sleepless night, and reading a fellow blogger’s post about doing their own running laundry, I started to think about all the things that would happen in my life if I WASN’T a runner…

If I wasn’t a runner…. I wouldn’t have as much laundry to do … I have massive piles to do every week..sports bras…thermo insulated pants & shirts…and since I’m a crazy insane laundry nazi and want the clothes to last forever, everything must air dry. Hey, those clothes are EXPENSIVE! I can’t wait until Spring/Summer: My laundry shrinks by HALF because its sooo much less clothing!

If I wasn’t a runner….I would be SOOOO MUCH richer. I shudder to think how much I will have spent this year on race entries….( I will do the math later, thank you very much J )And SHOES…oh, shoes. At anywhere between $50-$110 a pair….yikes. My shoes have a life of 300-400 miles. I run 60 miles a week. I have been a runner for 13 years. You do the math. But don’t tell me, I don’t wanna know.

If I wasn’t a runner….…I would probably not eat as much. You should see the massive piles of food I bring with me everyday to work…its actually comical how many containers I have. (SEE ABOVE for “I would be richer”..I spend a lot on food…)

if I wasn’t a runner… I would have loads of free time. Ohhhh boy would I have free time.

if I wasn’t a runner… I would have ALL my toenails. AND my feet would most likely be MUCH cuter. (I think only 1% of runners out there actually have cute feet.) Just sayin.

If I wasn’t a running blogger I would definitely would get a whole lot more sleep. I recently made a rule for myself: NO BLOGGING after 7 pm….If I blog too late at night, I can’t sleep because then all the ideas are whirling around in my head for future posts and I am compelled to write them down!. I had to make the same rule for myself for Pinterest before, too…I wanted to stay up all night and CRAFT


if I never became a runner… All that free time I have? What would I do with all of it??

if I never became a runner… I wouldn’t have this bad a** shoe collection….#moneywellspent

if I never became a runner… I wouldn’t know how to define, and use correctly in a sentence, words like Fartlek (is that a weird kind of fart?), Yasso (seriously you pulling my leg?), Tempo, and Intervals.

if I never became a runner… I would have never known the sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching the top of a hill that has always kicked you’re a**. I would never have known how glorious it feels to get a PR. I may not have all my toenails…But I have something BETTER. I know secrets about myself that I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t a runner.

if I never became a runner… I wouldn’t know what it is like to compete in a race. To feel that heat inside me that says “LETS GO”. I would have never known how satisfying it is to be faster than the boys (esp when they get frustrated when a GIRL passes them by!)

if I never became a runner… I would lack the confidence I feel within myself and knowing that I am good at something. I would not know how strong my own legs can be.
Those strong legs literally take me exploring anywhere I want to go.

if I never became a runner… I wouldn’t have been as many cool places, seen as much, learned as many things…and I wouldn’t have become who I am today

if I never became a runner… …I just wouldn’t be me!

Where do you think you would be now if you hadn’t become a runner?
-I really can NOT guess where I would be now!




27 thoughts on “If I wasn’t a runner..

  1. If I wasn’t a runner, I’d smell a lot more like chlorine (from swimming). 🙂 Thankfully. when I run, I sweat out that itchy smell!! True story!! Hehe!! Great post! Loved it!!! You’re an awesome runner so I’m so happy you are a runner!! Fast lady! XOXO

  2. I have no idea what I’d do if I wasn’t a runner! Running is a part of who I am and if I couldn’t do it I’d go insane!!! I’d like to think I’d have another hobby or goal to work towards, but I’d probably just be watching a whole lot more TV… LOL

  3. Love this! If I wasn’t a runner I’d probably just be more obsessed with soccer but I can’t play soccer every day…I CAN run every day if I wanted to. Being injured and unable to run as much really sucks….I almost feel like I’m not a runner at the moment!

  4. Hard to believe this is already almost a year ago! You’ve had an awesome year, really.

    And for me, this continues to be a driving force – running is really freaking important in my life, so I really try to not do anything stupid to compromise that. And evidently, according to my brain, running >3000 miles per year without training goals, running in -25F temps and so on don’t quality as ‘stupid’ … haha

  5. I would have so much less laundry and so much more time! And probably all of my toenails. But I have no idea what I would do with all of that extra time and I wouldn’t blog because what the heck would I write about? It has really become such a huge part of who I am!

  6. This reminds me of the post that I did a long time back that was essentially what I would take with me when I am no longer a runner. But with regards to your version (which is just as brilliant!), if I wasn’t a runner, I would likely not get to eat as much ice cream, I would have WAY more space on my floors not littered with running gear, my husband likely wouldn’t have to massage various ailments, and jury is still out on the amount of clothing that would have to be hung…

  7. Reblogged this on The Girl Who Ran Everywhere and commented:

    This Post originally came out last year. This topic came up in my “Believe” journal and I recently started thinking about what just what WOULD I do If I wasn’t a runner?? Answer?? I haven’t got a freaking CLUE!!! I know that at the base of everything I am… “running” is that foundation on which everything else grows! I am who I am because I run!

    Why do YOU run??
    Happy Weekend everybody!

  8. “I wouldn’t be me”

    That is so totally true. Coming up on 25 years as a runner, started year after getting out of college for weight loss … and never stopped (the running, that is!). It is such an engrained part of who I am, I cannot imagine life NOT as a runner.

    Absolutely air-dry everything … I took a picture of the side of our tub (we have a big tub that divides our two sinks) where my winter clothes are laid out … disaster city! After running in -15 yesterday I am SO ready for shorts and a t-shirt! Tech of course … and washed and air dry …

    Great post!

    • That’s a great story! And i know how you feel-running is like a friend, how could you function without it!!!:)

      Counting down the days til spring-can’t WAIT for shorts!! You are bad ass for running in -15 !! Holy freaking cold-BEASTMODE!!!

      Thank you!!

      • My wife has a different word for me running in these temps (I did two -20 days this year … ) 🙂 And while I DO go out in it … doesn’t mean I *like* it!

        I also like the self-imposed rules. I need to get back to only reading or working in a music-making app when I hit bed.

  9. Haha, ohhhh the laundry!! I air dry all of mine too. No way I’m letting my stuff wear out too fast. And don’t even talk to me about shoes. I bought my next pair last night actually…along with a new sports bra. Hey – our running club was having a meeting at the only running store in RI and we got 15% off – how was I NOT going to take advantage of that?!?

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