Focusing on…the Big Picture

Wednesday’s run:
13 miles on the treadmill….1 hour and 39 minutes. I could have been faster but I didn’t want to push it because I definitely had pushed it on Tuesday. Thursday after work I was supposed to run with a girlfriend of mine but due to the roads being crappy-we decided to reschedule until next week!

Friday night: I did 8 easy miles on the treadmill while watching Nashville…1 hr, 2 minutes.
I’m planning on a nice long 20 today – My last one before Hyannis. I can’t believe it came so fast. I think I booked it in November…Isn’t it crazy how time flies?

I have been absent from blogging over the past couple days because I have been working on honing in on my FOCUS. Even though I am always trying to keep my goals in the forefront of my mind, there can be moments when I get off track.
Sometimes, I need to remind myself of the BIGGER PICTURE of the things I want to accomplish with my running…

1.) I want to break 3:30 in the Hyannis Marathon. I BELIEVE in myself and have friends who believe that I can do it: Positive thinking will get you everywhere, right??

2.) I don’t just run for ME…I run for this little cutie patootie.. Meet Everett. (isn’t he the cutest?)

Everett plays a HUGE part in my motivation to GET UP and RUN. Everett and I have been a team for 5 years now. I have talked before about the fact that I run the Boston Marathon as a part of a team for Children’s Hospital. We are called the Kids at Heart team and together we raise about $100,000 a year for the best cause in the world:
But back to my patient partner. Everett is in a wheelchair and has cerebral palsy. Everett provides the inspiration and I provide the legs of our crazy journey. I feel blessed to have gotten to know his whole family-they are the best and so funny.

Usually, Everett and I meet up at the corner of Boylston St and together, we cross the finish line.

I will never forget last year (well obviously) : Everett ended up staying home sick. I had known the night prior that it was a possibility that he wouldn’t be coming to the marathon. I wouldn’t let myself ask his mom because I wanted to picture his little face at the marathon finish line and didn’t want anything to tamper with that vision. When I got to Boylston St,Everett’s mom, Michele, & his sister Heather were there to greet me, and told me they would still cross the fnish line with me. After the bombs went off…I couldn’t have been MORE grateful that he DIDN’T end up coming that day. Talk about Miracles, huh? (goosebumps….EVERY time I talk about this)
This year, Everett and I will be celebrating our miracles from last year. I never forget that I run for him too..even on days where I really don’t want to go outside and run through the freezing temps…I do it anyway because the cause is bigger than me.


3.) I also want to break 3:45 in this year’s Boston Marathon. Why am I only setting a goal of 3:45 with Boston instead of 3:30 like I am with Hyannis? Many reasons:
-Boston breaks me..Every. Single. Year. I think I sleep until 2 the next day due to physical and mental exhaustion.
-Between leaving my house at 4 am and not starting until 10 am, always unpredictable weather conditions, and a little bit of anxiety running it this year it- it remains the toughest marathon I’ve ever run.
-My fastest Boston is 4:08…I WILL break four hours this year.

So these three things are what I am focusing on right I run my long run today, they are the things that will guide me through it!

Everybody enjoy your Saturday! Who’s running today!

what are you focusing on?

Run Free, Run Strong!!


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