Running recap : 1/27-2/2

Do you start your running week on Sunday or on Monday?for me it has ALWAYS been a start on Mondays. I have never understood why Saturday is the American end of the week and not Sunday. The week starts on Monday, we all dreadknow it.

Anyway: running from 1/27-2/2:

Monday: off …body pump workout
Tuesday 7 miles, easy..57:00 minutes
Wednesday: 4 tempo miles, 5 miles interval sprints 9 miles total
Thursday: 4 sets of Yasso’s in the morning, 9 miles outside when I got out of work-11 miles total
Friday-off. I did nooo running. Nooo lifting..nada, zip, zilch.
Saturday-22 miles, 3:07 minutes.
Sunday-10 easy, slow miles 1:20.

Total miles:59 miles

Today’s run was really slow and easy. I had only planned on 7 but the weather was 45 when I started and who am I to pass up those gorgeous temps?! Beggars can’t be choosers and right now- I am begging for warmer weather.

And, just a couple pics of my weekend…
My Friday cocktail concoction..
A “skinny” margarita: a little bit of tequila, a little bit of skinny cucumber vodka, and a splash of sour mix! Yum!


My Super Bowl wine..This is really the best red wine ever…

Happy super bowl! Baked haddock, broc and baked tater! It was awesome and so filling!


happy monday!
Who went out for the game?

-not me, in bed by 9 on Sunday! #ilikemysleep
What day does your running week start on?

Have a great start to your week!
Run Free, Run Strong!


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