The thing about….

The thing about ….deciding to run a spring marathon is that you are consciously making the decision to run through the winter months. No matter what you control about your own training-the weather is at best-unpredictable, at worst-treacherous. Many runs for you will be done while you stare at the small space in front of you and try to distract yourself with mind games, movies, and books. Remember-mind over Matter.


The thing about today is...That it was a beautiful gift from the weather gods. 40 degrees.. holy heat wave! This my fourth 20+ run and the first where I only wore only one long sleeve shirt. I didn’t need gloves..or a hat…or insulated pants..awesome sauce!! 22 miles in 3:07. This is actually the longest I’ve ever done in a training run-I usually don’t go past 21. And I truly could have kept going forever.

The thing about….doing so many 20+ long runs is that I really feel like they have made me a better runner. 20 is a daunting number..but I am finding out that it is actually making me stronger, faster athlete. And that is a kick ass feeling. I find myself really looking forward to my Saturday 20s.

the thing about …finishing a long run is that I have this glow about me all day long. Yes, I am a little tired. Yet knowing that I just kicked butt out there is intoxicating ((hello runners high!))

The thing about….today’s run is that now that it’s done, I totally know I could have pushed it more. That is exactly how I like feeling at its conclusion. Come race day I absolutely will be pushing it, so it’s perfect to know that I’m there..exactly where I want to be.

The thing about…training is that even though you may have had the Worlds Greatest Training have to know that it isn’t ALWAYS the case come race today. So many factors go into your race like weather, personal ailments, and your current mental state. You just have to take the day as it comes, even if it comes with a few disappointments. Shoulda-coulda-woulda’s plague me after every race, they probably do for you too.

The thing about…a runner…is that we NEVER GIVE UP ..because Runners aren’t like that. We always come back for more. We move on, pickup our shoes, and sign up for the next race. In the end all you can do is prepare for the best and the worst while keeping a smile on your face.

who ran today?
Anybody do a race?

Enjoy every second of your day!

Run Free, Run Strong!!


8 thoughts on “The thing about….

  1. I’d much rather train in the Winter. It’s hard to train in the blistering heat of the a South in the summer. Just depends on where you live

  2. I’m about to venture out into the somewhat rainy weather for a run. We’re finally out of the freezing freezing freezing weather (for a few days at least) so I need to take advantage of it! So glad you’re having some warmer weather as well!

  3. I ran, and the run totally blew! I waited too long to run my 6, and by the time I ran, it was cold and rainy. Looking forward to a better run tomorrow though! Glad it sounds like your run went amazingly!

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