Random Friday confessions

Happy FRIDAY!!!

Is it just me or did this week truly take FOR-E-VER to end? On Tuesday I thought it was Thursday. (not a good sign) and when I woke up this morning I was legitimately ANGRY that it was not Saturday. I wanted an actual explanation as to WHY it WASN’T SATURDAY. Irrational much? YES.

Anyway. In the spirit of Friday, I decided to tell you Five Confessional things about me that you would NOT have known just by reading this blog. Unless you are one of my girlfriends who subscribe. Oh HI!!!! I LOVE& MISS YOU ALL!!

1.) I LOVE to craft. Example #1 I made all of my friends their Christmas presents and I can’t wait to give them out on Saturday. (yes, Girls Christmas is actually a month and some change AFTER Christmas. Procrastination at its finest.) I think I have actually made their presents for the past three years. I love to make jewelry, and once I start-I get hooked on it for the entire day. It’s more of a summertime activity for me since I am off during the summers. But, I think I will be making some jewelry this weekend while the Super Bowl is on!! I will give you pictures AFTER I give the presents out!!!:)

Example #2 I crafted nearly everything for my wedding. Centerpieces…bouquets….window pane seating charts.. the jewelry for my bridesmaids…It was a lot of fun, totally 100% time consuming and completely worth it






2. ) I do not plan on watching the Superbowl. I might watch a little bit…(like the halftime show and commercials) but to be perfectly 100% honestly…unless it’s the Patriots…I don’t really care. Are you shocked? Don’t be. When I told my husband I wanted to go to bed early and possibly leave the Superbowl party at halftime, I heard—crickets—the silence was that loud. I’m like a grandma-its on late, I’ll stay up past my bed time, and really-Sunday Fundays set the tone for the whole entire week. #liloldlady

(I will gladly watch this guy perform, halftime shows are the BEST!!)

3.) I have an irrational paranoia of sponges. Even my own. I really don’t like them and their cesspool of germs. Yucky. I don’t know why…thry just freak me out.

4.) I LOVE anything spicy. Buffalo, cinnamon, spicy sauces…. It has my name allll over it. My husband gets mad that I put pepper on EVERYTHING (and he doesn’t like it. Oops) Those little red valentine hearts at the candy store are my kryptonite. I singehandedly ate two bags in two days #calories. I am restricting myself from entering cvs until v day is over (jk, I’ll prob OD on them again quite soon ) I love buffalo chicken so much that sometimes…I have it for breakfast. Yup.

5.) my favorite pair of shoes…are actually boots. And not just any boots, but the boots I wore for my wedding. Let me just tell you-I wear them everyday on the weekends, and on vaca’s they are my go to shoe. Not only are they comfy and practical, but they have SPECIAL meaning for me because my bridesmaids bought them for me as my shower gift…isn’t that awesome?! I love each and very one of those girls and couldn’t have been more dazzled by all they did for me! And the boots go with EVERY outfit..dresses, shorts..jeans..you name it, I’ve worn it with them.(except running outfits!!)
Check out the boots…


(Oh and they all wore boots too..how cute are they?!)


that’s all for random confessional Friday! I will be back with more running stuff this weekend, dont you worry!!
Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend to the max!!

Run Free, Run Strong!!


9 thoughts on “Random Friday confessions

  1. Your wedding = absolutely adorable!

    And I’m with you on the Superbowl…if it’s not the Patriots, I don’t really care

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