Yasso’s, Goal paces, and workouts

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I am really trying hard to ease myself back into running outside again in the mornings. I always feel amazing afterwards-I know that I have just burned a million zillion calories, the sun is barely up, and it gives me a morning “rush” unlike any other . I don’t drink coffee, but running has a way of waking me up just like coffee does for most people.
(This is how I feel when I run in the morning)
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So this morning I did 4 repeats of Yasso’s 800’s. I would have like to have done the recommended 10 repeats but I got up too late and I am easing myself back into morning running after all! I already feel more pep in my step and awake than I have since November (my last morning run outside before work)

So let’s talk Yasso’s. Just what are they and why are they important. One of the best quick and simple definitions I have found regarding them is from Offnrunningsports:

Yasso 800s
Yasso 800s are an invention of Runner’s World staffer Bart Yasso, who has run more than 50 marathons and ultramarathons. Because of their simplicity, Yasso 800s have proven popular and useful for marathoners worldwide. Basically, Bart says that if you want to run a marathon in 2:45, 3:29 or 4:11, you should train to the point where you can run 10 repeats of 800 meters in the same time?2:45, 3:29 or 4:11. The only difference is that your marathon time is hours:minutes and your 800 time is minutes:seconds. Bart suggests doing Yasso 800s once a week as part of your marathon training. Start with perhaps 4 x 800 and build up to 10 x 800. Between the 800s, take a recovery jog that lasts as long as your 800s. (Additional hint: Yasso 800s are a great workout for any runner. Because they are “strong but controlled,” they’re basically a form of tempo training.) A good Yasso 800 workout: 6 x 800 at Yasso pace with recovery jogs between the 800s.

So basically, you run a half mile (800 meters) at your goal marathon pace. My Yasso pace is 3:24. On my treadmill, I set it to 8.7 mph in order to get it done in the right amount of time. These honestly have helped me to get faster. I try to do them once a week, and on my treadmill for right now. I will do one Yasso at 3minutes24seconds, and a recovery jog for another 3min24seconds at about 7.5 mph (7.5 on the treadmill is my comfy and easy pace). Then I repeat, as many times as I can, or until I reach the 10 repeats. Yasso’s are a great and exhausting workout. I have read many reviews online from other runners who swear by them (and a few who do not, too). I have a marathon in 24 days, and Boston is less than 3 months away, So I know that I will be doing them on a weekly basis.

How did I know how fast I should be going? A lot of runners have questions about how fast they should be running during their training in order to reach their desired goal on race day.

I found a calculator online from Runners World via OffnRunning.com that pretty much hits the nail on the head with what types of running you should be doing and your paces for each. So for example, you all have heard me yammering on about how I want to break a 3:30 marathon. I have been training to do just that, with all of my runs geared to hitting different paces depending on which type of workout I do. OffnRunning does a job of great, simple explanations for the different types of runs you should be doing.

These are my own stats for a marathon. Race time goal : 3:26
Your easy run training pace is: 8:52 min/mile
Your tempo run training pace is: 7:23 min/mile
Your maximum oxygen training pace is: 6:39 min/mile
Your speed form training pace is: 6:09 min/mile
Your long run training pace is: 8:52 – 10:01min/mile
Your Yasso’s 800 training pace is:3:24 min/800

You can plug in your own info for your stats here

Yasso’s can also work for someone training for a half marathon. I found a really cool half marathon plan designed by Bart Yasso himself. Bart suggests that you still incorporate Yasso’s into your half marathon training. Do the Yasso 800s; Run 1/2 mile or 800 meters at your 10k pace, then jog a lap for recovery. Repeat 6 times.

And I had to share this chart with you that I saw on HRG because it is THAT cool.
You can see the chart, and a great article about the 25 Golden Rules of Running here.

For more on Yasso’s, I found a great Runner’s World article

Do you do Yasso’s or a different speed workout? Let’s hear all about it!
Run Free, Run Strong!


12 thoughts on “Yasso’s, Goal paces, and workouts

  1. I have never done speed workouts per say. I’d like to incorporate them into my training more this year in the hopes of picking up my pace. Thanks for the explanation on Yasso’s runs!

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