Wednesday Weather Funnies..


I see the weather in two ways:

Weather I can run in, and weather I can’t run in (I am NOT a fan of the latter)

Winter can range from 50 right down to the negatives. In the same day, it can go up 30 degrees, or down 30 degrees. It’s crazy.

This is my description of the temperatures:

40-50 (Farnheit)
This is perfection. I could run in this type of weather forever because it’s like Goldilocks on her quest to find her happy medium- “Not too hot, not too cold, it’s Juuust Right.” Your light, cute, & stylish running jackets are dying to be worn. You can get away with wearing just a t shirt underneath it. You don’t even need to wear gloves!! Some days are still even warm enough for shorts! In your everyday life-cute jackets are appropriate with a stylish top underneath. Only one pair of socks is necessary. Scarves are purely for decoration. Tights under dresses are not even a must just yet. You can give all your outfits, whether it be for running or “life” little to zero thought.

This is when the wind starts howling (by the way did I ever tell you that I abhor running in the wind? It’s literally the ONLY element I will willingingly treadmill it for). The 30’s can bring with it a mix of precipitations-snow, hail, rain…we get it all! Running outside is still an option for you when it’s in the 30’s. Layers and long pants are a must. A light pair of gloves is key. One pair of heavy duty socks is okay. Hats and scarves must be donned to keep your head and neck area warm. Stylish coats to work/play are still ok-but you now have to wear a long sleeve top underneath. Not QUITE double layer weather. Yet. Tights under dresses=requirement.

You can still run outside…but do it cautiously. Careful planning is required for all outfits. Bring on the doubles. Long insulated pants with tights underneath. Two pairs of socks. Base layer, thermo layer, insulated running shell. Hats, “cold gear” gloves, scarves, balaclava’s= All apply here. Tread cautiously for there are patches of black ice that can get you if you aren’t careful. Wear yak traks or trail shoes. Or both.

Forget your cute coats..its time for puffers. Earmuffs. Hats and gloves are necessary for the brief walk FROM your car and into the office (or wherever you work!) Pointy high heeled shoes are on a hiatus until April (March if you are SUPER lucky)

20140129-162648.jpg (<—this guy. Are you serious?!)
Don’t run outside. Just don’t do it. Stay indoors. Run on a treadmill. Run at the gym on their treadmill. Run on ya mamas treadmill. The wind is bad. No double/triple/moisture wicking layers can save you. Stay warm. Tights are now necessary under everything..walking outside brings tears to your eyes due to the aforementioned wind chill. These are the temps when the weather people say “it’s 17 degrees out folks, but it feels like 0″. Pshhhhhh. (<—this is an angry noise). Long puffer coats=happiness. (It is amazing how fast your butt gets cold!)

0 and Below
Heating units crap out frequently. Hands dry out immediately following application of lotion. Forget about the magic of “seeing your breath” you’re so cold you wonder if you can master the art of NOT breathing while you are out of doors. Sometimes you are wearing your hat and gloves inside the house. Don’t even go out. Just stay home. Inside. Where its warm. And you don’t have to pretend to be happy cause its sunny outside. Face it…you’re not happy. Nobody is. The sun is shining but it’s a joke cause it ain’t warm. IT’s freaking ZERO. THERE ARE NOOOOO DEGREES. Walking outside is painful. YOU DON’T LIKE IT. You get angry at the fact that you have to park your car AND THEN walk outside (or is that just me?) to your office. Waiting for someone to let you in a locked door is like, impossibly aggravating. Don’t go running. Stay home. Take a day off. Take a few. It’s too cold, MAN!!

if you live somewhere where it gets colder than the occasional -10 to -15 degree day… it’s time to move. Now.

And hey ..what about global warming…WHY IS IT NOT WARM?! ( just kidding, I know why, I just had to throw that in)

On a non weather related note..we are now entering I to the WTF part of the week…Wednesday Thursday, Friday…get ya mind outta the gutter 😉 (thanks Brooke for that one!!)

Today is 25 and it “feels like” 14.. Can anybody guess where I’m running today? Even though I hate it –yes, I will be hopping on the mill. Because I keep remembering this:

And this:

So. Yes. It’s cold. But we will all keep on running on!!
What’s it like where you are?

Anybody live somewhere where they have had the schools shut down due to cold??

Run Free, Run Strong, Run WARMLY!!!
Be safe out there!!



9 thoughts on “Wednesday Weather Funnies..

  1. I seriously died laughing at parts of this post. I couldn’t agree more about 40-50s. My first 5K was at the end of October and everyone thought I was nuts because it was a night run and it was 41 out. Between all the runners and the adrenaline rush, I didn’t even notice. I had a long sleeve under my short sleeve and yoga pants on as it was perfect. I wish I could do more outdoor running, but downtown Worcester is not the place to be running, unless it’s away from something!n

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