It must be true love./how running made me a better person


I want to tell you about my very first “true love”. My friends like to say that when I love something-I never, ever let it go and it completely consumes me. –they are right. I will give you a small (and extremely insignificant) example of how I love things: I LOVE Greek yogurt. Since the first time that creamy thick yogurt passed through my lips-I knew it would be in my life from that moment until..well…until forever. I raved about it, forcing my friends to buy those unique flavors and then would have chats with each of them about which flavor they liked best(K liked pineapple hut abhorred the pomegranate, Joe likes Apple Cinnamon…and personally I like the Coffee)

It’s true-when I love something-whether it’s food, a type of wine, a certain brand of sneakers…one of my girlfriends…and especially, my husband…when I truly LOVE something-it will never, ever leave me. It stamps it’s impression on my soul, forever to live its days out etched in my heart,

but I digress..

My first true love is still very present and involved in my life. We first got together when I was 18 years old. The relationship started extremely casually at first…i mean..i was only 18. I had taken on a new role at my job and was often frustrated and overwhelmed. My love helped me get through it. Together we pounded the pavement and found a way for me to cope with my stress.

Gradually we got more serious. Through the passage of time, we were able to connect on a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional level. i worked harder at our relationship than I had at anything so that I could give back to it what it gave to me.

My first true love was able to give me pieces of myself that had previously been missing. I had always struggled with self-image and had little confidence within myself. I didn’t really have a direction and did not have any clue where life would take me.

Running changed all that. I know, without a doubt in my mind, that running was my first true love. Maybe it sounds a little silly that I love a “sport”..But I do. Running has done more for me than what you can imagine:

Running gave me confidence. Once I began, I noticed an immediate difference in my body. Suddenly I was liking the way I looked. I loved the strength it gave me from the muscles it formed. It gave me the confidence to do OTHER things, like lift weights, yoga, etc. (I would also like to tell you that I can out pushup any dude I know. Thanks, Running for helping me down the path of knowing my own body better!)

I began to have a serious interest in running which provided me goals. GOALS! I don’t think I had ever really set and maintained a goal before I fell in love with running! Those goals motivated me to be more. Better. great.

CONFIDENCE came along and brought with it ABILITY. I was able to do something and do it well. I was successful in running. Happy runner = happy life. I am ecstatic when I see myself getting faster. There is nothing like looking back at old runs and seeing the improvement I have made with them. Seeing growth in something that you love is so rewarding for your soul.

Running also gave me discipline. I know that I can’t stay out all night on a Friday if I want to get up early on a Saturday to run. Sleep is not just a thing you do at night- it is actually a necessity when you’re a runner.

Running helped me focus..and not just on the miles ahead of me…Running is an activity which requires your direct attention-you concentrate on your breathing, your pace…you focus to not trip over fallen tree branches your own feet or ice. That concentrated direction carried over into every area of my life, I swear it. The focus it takes for me to have become a serious runner enabled me to be more focused person.

No matter what kind of day I had/have-I always knew running was there for me. Having a bad day? Go for a run. Going through a breakup? Go for a run. Celebrating something? Go for a celebratory run. Running is there for me, always….no questions asked.

So maybe it’s silly to consider “running” to be my first real true love. To me it is a companion, a friend. I know no matter what direction life takes me “running” will always be there. A silent best friend who my life better each and every day. The only thing it asks of me is that I come and pound pavement, one step at a time.

why has running made you become?



6 thoughts on “It must be true love./how running made me a better person

  1. I love this. I’m the same way where I become completely obsessed with whatever it is I love (aka I eat the same foods every day) and running really has changed me for the better and allowed me to go through situations I otherwise might not have been able to handle.

  2. Haha, you sound a little scary at the beginning there – it will never, ever leave meeeee. 😉

    But seriously, it’s great to latch on to something healthy for you! Running has definitely given me more confidence throughout the year+ that I’ve been running so far.

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