Hooray for running friends ! An Ode to lazy Sundays & Mileage Recap!

Soo…sometimes people drink wine and do silly things that they might regret….
Me…I drink wine and then convince my running friend that she should totally do a half marathon with me! (She is awesome and already a runner anyways) #noregretshere!
I woke up this morning and got excited all over again with this message in my inbox:

Hooray!!!!!! I officially have a race day buddy for one of my races-I cannot express enough how LUCKY I feel!:) (don’t worry M, I won’t get lost and I promise to pack lots of snacks for us afterwards! And we will make the boys cook us dinner as a reward for our hard work!!) #redredwinethanksforbookingusarace

After too much wine fun last night I was really a lump on a log all day..but so was my husband…. We went out for breakfast, came home, and to pretty much sum up my day:

This book is SO GOOD…at first, I didn’t love it.. I would say it took me 100 pages to get truly commited. Now, I am so spellbound by this book that I literally couldn’t even read it on the treadmill. Usually the old ‘mill requires a serious distraction…but this book was SO distracting that I kept hitting “stop” because running was distracting me from the book. It is seriously good. I even explained the plot, in detail, to my husband and said “wow this would make a great movie!” Imagine my surprise when I googled “Gone Girl” and found out it IS going to be a movie, released October 2014! Yowza!! #winnawinnachickendinna

I cannot get over that Bfleck is playing Nick…but you can’t get everything you want!!

Weekly Mileage recap:40 total
Tuesday-7 miles of sprints
Wednesday-8 miles, 5 easy, 3 sprints
Saturday:20 miles
Sunday-5 miles

This mileage week has been the lowest amount I have had in a long, long time. But, like I said yesterday: sometimes you need the slow weeks to recharge your batteries, and refocus:)

who ran this weekend?
Who’s found their BEAST??



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