Things I liked about my long run and things I did NOT like..


I have a confession…
I took three days off of running this week. Two, were in a row. If I ever do that-the two back to back “days off” usually fall in separate running weeks. #yesiknowimcrazy. But Thursday came and I had a lot of family stuff to do, so it became a day off because I was drained when I got home. Friday dawned and with it came queasy stomach aches and pains.

In the past, I have run through illnesses. Sometimes, the cold air will get rid of them for me. Something to do with the germs getting all frozen out maybe?! I don’t know. When I was younger, I did not do that. I kept running, even though I was sick ALL the time. And I do mean all the time. I ended up getting pneumonia one year and it caused me to have to pull out of the Marine Corp Marathon (That was the only time I have ever registered for that race, and I never got to do it…it’s now on my bucket list)

Now that I am older wiser, I know when to take rest days, when to push it, and when not to. So tuesday and Wednesday were great fast runs, but Thursday and Friday wound up being great rest days.

Saturday, I ran another 20. What I didn’t like about it and what made me a little sad that I wasn’t as fast as I was last week…15 minutes slower, to be exact. 20.12 miles in 3:00. (Last week was 2:44:46)
But…I knew I didn’t want to push it. My stomach is still a bit bijangly (that is my own made up word for “upset stomach”, you can use it and #yourewelcome)

I did however, really like that I was outside. Pounding out the 20 on pavement felt like it took half the time that my run took last week. Even though it was 15 minutes slower… Being with nature clears my head. If I have a problem in my life, I can usually work through it during a long run. It’s like therapy, yet it keeps me physically fit.

And I’m ok with my lower mileage running week…I know that weeks with low miles fueled by low motivation are going to be followed by ass kicking weeks. Bring on kicking my own butt πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow is probably going to be a 9-10 mile day. Even though that seems like a lot for the day after my long run, I know it will feel good, and plus with my three days off, I know my legs won’t be as tired as they normally would be!!:)

79 days til Boston!
29 until Hyannis!:)

I hope everybody is enjoying the hell out of their weekend! Make it GREAT!



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