Cold, treadmills, & funny stuff

The weather last week made you feel like spring was almost here…it was in the fifties, nearly every day. I only had to wear one layer outside while I was running. It filled me with hope and continuous thoughts of warmth. The snow had melted-sidewalks returned! I danced gaily around and in typical New England-er fashion-I discussed the weather with everyone I met “gorgeous today, isn’t it?” All were happy. Yay! We live in New England and it’s WARM. We can handle winter!
Mother Nature, that tricky b*tch, was laughing at us because this is what she brought this week…

sidenote: I don’t know why I always feel the need to show you all the weather, like you don’t have smart phones yourself,too)
This week is a cold reality. (Haha literally!) kind of like getting back together with your ridiculous ex boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s all lollipops sunshine and unicorn skittle farts for the first few weeks. The suddenly, one morning you wake up and realize he is still driving you Insane by leaving those dirty socks right next to the laundry basket, and no, you actually cannot move past it: he’s (she’s) gotta go.

Well, gone is my warmth and bring on my double triple moisture wicking dry fit clothing. Bring on insulated gloves. (((sigh….we were so close))).
So. Lots of bitching treadmill runs for me this week. Uuuughhhhhhhhh..
Last nights run..five miles at 38:26, and then, because I could not STAND the treadmill, I busted out the last 3 in 19:50. #ohmythatsfast. Who knew I would actually take my own joke regarding Tuesdays run seriously & repeat more sprints tonight? And coincidently, best myself?

Anyway, happy Thursday…we all need some laughs today..the weekend is THISCLOSE .. You can smell it, can’t you?
These are some things that truly made me laugh today:

(not like I have a husband who runs, but still, this was funny funny ha ha)

because everyone in this world deserves a friend as lovely as an octopus stuck to your face. #aintthatthetruth

My sister in law sent me this’s so perfect for me because this so literally my race mantra: take down one person at a time…focus, focus, focus. I will never get over the look of sock on a man’s face when a tiny little girl passes them. Eat my dust!! (Sorry guys)

can anybody relate to this one???? Omg sooooo cold!!!!

have a great Thursday! Tell me what made you laugh this week!

Run Free, Run Strong!


11 thoughts on “Cold, treadmills, & funny stuff

  1. We had the same weather here in Nova Scotia. Last week was around 40 degrees Faurenheit for us….no snow…clear sidewalks/roads/trails. It was heaven. Then the nor-easter hit us on Wednesday with over 12 inches of snow….we are all in hiding now!!!

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