Oh sprints..my hate/love relationship


I do not like sprints. No, I do not.
I do not like them on a track.
I do not like them-cut me some slack.
I do not like sprinting up a hill,
I do not like them on the ‘mill.
I do not like them-although I’m fast
I just want them to end at last!

Tuesdays run was going to be progression because that is my very favorite type of run to do. However, I was reading through my old training logs and realized that I hadn’t done a sprint run in…..well..in a very long time.

I know sprints make me faster..that’s just it..I’ve actually felt them work for me and yet I still Didn’t want to do them. It’s sometimes so very difficult to force yourself to do a certain type of run. Even if you actually excel at it-it feels like torture.

I sucked it up and hopped on my treadmill(it was 8 with a windchill…ughhhhhhh) and banged out a quick 7 miles of sprints.
1 mile warm up, 1/2 mile cool down, 49:19 altogether.

The end result is what I kept my eye on: I kept thinking how Hyannis is only a month from TOMORROW. I have friends back home who will be rooting for me to do a great job! 20140122-063446.jpg (these are two beauties who always support my running stuff-they even follow the blog!)

I have had so much support from new friends that I’ve met on Twitter and Facebook and this little Bloggity blog who truly believe I’m going to kick some ass. And most of all I can’t let down myself. Because on the end, the goal is really for me and nobody else 😊
So next time you don’t want to do a certain type of run, whether it be a.long run, or a shorter sprint-keep your eye on the prize and remember what it is that you set out to do. I swear it will make all the difference in the world.

Who knows…maybe you’ll even want to do it again tomorrow!

what’s your favorite type of run??
Least favorite?

Run Free, Run Strong!!


4 thoughts on “Oh sprints..my hate/love relationship

  1. So…do we call you “Dr. Nicole” now little miss rhymer? Good luck in Hyannis! My running club is getting a hotel suite for the race but that distance is a bit much for me just yet so I won’t be joining them.

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