Say What?!? You made a Facebook page?!

That is what I said to myself when I made the page.. Crazy! I can’t get believe it..I know “everybody’s doing it” BUT…it still feels a little bit awkward ..I don’t know why! So next time you are cruising ’round the book…search out The Girl Who Ran Everywhereand like the page..everybody’s doing it ( well not EVERYBODY, I only have 30 likes so far, but that’s pretty good for it being up and running for like 5 minutes)

Today was supposed to be my rest day…I am super super tired from running so much this weekend. But then my new jacket arrived…and I have been lounging around in it all day and am STILL debating in whether or not I should test it out outside?! (I would’ve been done five hours ago yet here I sit, on my couch, typing this, how productive)



Needless to say I’m going to rock all season long! This is my second obnoxiously orange jacket from the BAA…Maybe next year it will be a little more subtle! 😉

My running will look like this for the week:
Tuesday-Progressive run-9
Wednesday-12-13 miles
Thursday-Easy run-9
Sunday-easy run-7-8

What’s your running look like for the week?

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you had a lovely weekend 😃


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