Mileage recap!

Twenty loooooooooong miles on my treadmill yesterday. The early bird really truly does get the the time I was ready to head outside to run, it had started to heavily snow. Awesome..flurries my ass. So I headed to my ‘mill instead. This is how I know I am in my training for Boston: I am doing long runs on treadmills due to crappy weather. I am grateful that I have it though, because otherwise, I would’ve been stuck at the gym for 3 hours…that is zero fun.

My goal was to run it in 2:45 and I did it in 2:44:46. Running that long on a treadmill requires some distractions…so I bought a new book… (And read half of lie) this book is very interesting and makes you think “what if that was me”? Imagine waking up and not remembering the last ten years of your life?? Crazy. I’m halfway through but I definitely recommend it to you!

Anyway, the first 15 went smoothly but by the time I hit the start of mile 16-I thought of every excuse to hop off that dread mill. I told myself I could run 20 on Sunday (haha) instead. That it was cool to just run only 15… Seriously I thought of everything.

I toughed it out for one reason and one reason only.
….Because I could…
….Because I’m here…alive..healthy…
…Because there is a cool chick who, just like me, had set a dream for herself to run the Boston Marathon this April
and she cant be there.

Today dawned a new day that wasn’t supposed to be snowy…yet it was…I literally could not stand the thought of stepping one step on that treadmill. I bundled up and headed out through the snow anyway.,,

It is sort of pretty how it sticks to the trees though…

I was very stiff and slow, but it was okay by me. I was elated to be outside. I swear that I get seasonal depression in the winter-forcing myself to bundle up and get out there helps a LOT. I

Total Miles for the week: 55
Monday & Tuesday-no running, but I did some crazy strength videos.
Wednesday- 13 miles
Thursday-8 tempo
Friday- 7 Progressive miles
Saturday-20 miles
Sunday-7 super slow miles through the snow…

Tonight is chillaxing time with the family watching the Patriots! GO PATS!!!
I hope everybody enjoyed their weekend!

what’d you run this weekend?
Run Free, Run Strong!


4 thoughts on “Mileage recap!

  1. Wow. 20 miles on a treadmill. I would kill myself for sure. I hate to do 3-4 on a hamster wheel. But awesome job! I’m astonished you can do that! Kepp up the great work.

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