Progressive runs and old sneakers

Tonight I did a seven mile progressive run. I wasn’t planning on anthing more than an easy run. Once I got started, I could tell it was a great day for some negative splits. I began with a 9:46 mile and worked my way down to a 7:42. Not bad… I was running on very tired legs and am overall very sleepy but it just felt good to punch it, you know what I mean??

Tomorrow I’m running a a 20 miler. Yikes! I hope to do it in 2:45..that is my overall goal!!! Wish me luck!

I wore a pair of old Adidas sneakers that haven’t been worn since October-ish because my Pureflows have been pretty much stealing the spotlight for all of my runs. It felt really nice to run in them..sort of like running with an old friend, if that makes sense. I adore things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy like that πŸ™‚
Sometimes a run with a familiar pair of sneakers can really take you down memory lane: reminiscing about all the good times (runs) you’ve had together, the problems you’ve worked out as a team (so that PR you got) and the time you decided you were just too tired to go in any further….the sneakers took you there anyways. A great pair of sneakers earns itself an official nickname upon retirement. A name only known to you because only YOU know the hard times they got you through. This pair of sneakers is close to retirement…but they’ve still got a few miles more to go before I bid them adieu πŸ˜‰

what’s your run this weekend?

Run Free, Run Strong!


13 thoughts on “Progressive runs and old sneakers

  1. Yes it is :/. I haven’t run longer than a four miler since Baystate! So frustrating. But hopefully come February I’ll get back out there and build my mileage. And then half marathon PR in the Spring. A girl can hope right?!

    Figure out what you are making for the game?

  2. Great run!

    Enjoy your 20 miler today! I’m jealous, I miss long runs. Hopefully I’ll be back to adding mileage in February . Besides for a short run today for #megsmiles I’m taking the rest of January off from running in hopes this pesky injury that has been plaguing me will be gone!

    I really wish it was Sunday already because I can’t freakin wait for tomorrow’s game! Go Pats! πŸ™‚

  3. Glad you guys mentioned #megsmiles. I had no idea about it, and I’ll be taking part in that for sure. On Sunday I have my long run of the week (8 mi) and I’m definitely looking forward to that!

  4. I don’t have anything planned, but I’ll probably get in a couple of miles tomorrow for #megsmiles. It means pulling double workout duty because tomorrow is actually shoulder/leg day, not running, but that just means I’ll take Sunday as an extra rest day and enjoy watching my Brady bunch wreck that silly little Manning.

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