Weekly Mileage recap, Sunday FunDay, & Training Plans

Weekly Mileage Recap:
59.4 miles for the week. WHOA
. I knew I wanted to start building my miles back up, but I was a little surprised with how much I actually did last week. After my long run on Saturday, I wanted to just do a quick recovery run yesterday of 7 miles. When I was about 3 miles in I decided to take a different turn because I wanted to see how far this one particular route was. What should have only been a 6 or 7 miles run ended up being this:

Yesterday I woke up with pep in my step and ready to GO. I promised my little 7 year old buddy that we would see Frozen. We hadn’t had breakfast yet, so what is better than a movie & Breakfast date? Nothing.! Frozen is AWESOME and if you haven’t seen it yet, that is your homework for today, okay? And if you need a date to go I will make myself available. I laughed, I cried, I found myself singing along with the songs…Well done Disney, well done.

Total Weekly Miles recap:
Tuesday-Strength video workout
Wednesday- 15 miles 5 inside on the treadmill, 10 outside-1:55 minutes
Thursday-7 miles-Tempo-52 minutes
Friday-7 easy slow miles-1:08
Saturday-21.34 miles at an average pace of 8:54, 3hrs 10 minutes. (This time WILL be smashed next week ;))
Sunday-9.45 1:26

It occurred to me that I have never really explained my training plans! Whenever I am training for a new marathon, I always go to runnersworld and customize a new training plan. This one I customized for myself on December 9th, and it only lists out 11 weeks of training. Typically, a training plan is anywhere from 16-18 weeks, depending on your level of experience and fitness. I happened to forget to make myself one at the 16 week mark, whoops. I was still running every day, and doing a long run on Saturdays, so I know I didn’t actually lose any fitness, I might have just lost some focus and didn’t progress like I should have been progressing.

These are my criteria that I had to plug in for the training plan:
Current race time: 3:47:00 for a Marathon.
Distance training goal: Marathon
Initial weekly distance: 51 – 56 Miles
Training intensity level: Very Hard
Long run day: Saturday
Plan start date: Monday, 12/9/2013
Race date: Sunday, 2/23/2014
Training plan length: 11 weeks

I use my training plan as more of a guideline. So for example: it says today should be a 9 mile easy run- I am planning on taking today off from running though and maybe doing some cross training with a strength video and some yoga (if I can talk my husband into doing it with me). And I also very RARELY take the day off after my long run: i like to do a ‘shakeout run’.
I do follow the plan’s description of the runs fairly closely-if it says run easy, I usually run easy. Lets be serious, some days it’s really not your CHOICE if you ‘run easy’ or not: Everybody has days where they can barely pick up their feet to do the left-right shuffle.

Runners world has great training plans, but sometimes I feel like they throw in TOO many “easy days”.
My training plan for the next week has my running week looking like this:
Jan 13-Easy Run Dist: 9 Miles @9:20
Jan 14-Easy Run Dist: 9 Miles @9:20
Jan 15-Speedwork Dist: 9 Miles Warm; 5×1600 in 7:23 w/800 jogs; cool
Jan 16- Easy Run Dist: 9 Miles @9:20
Jan 17-Easy Run Dist: 9 Miles @9:20
Jan 18-Long Run Dist: 9 Miles @9:20
Jan 19: Rest day or Cross train

I will probably do a progression run of 9 miles tomorrow instead of an “easy run”, and I think I will be running longer this Saturday than 16. Other than that, I am going to try to stick to the training plan as much as possible!

Happy Monday Everybody! (Oxymoron, I know)
Run Free, Run Strong!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Mileage recap, Sunday FunDay, & Training Plans

  1. Beast! Damn!

    I’ve heard good things about Frozen. I’ll probably check it out when it hits Netflix…you know, when I don’t have to sit in a theater full of kids. Especially since I don’t have any. LOL

  2. Curious- what types of exercises do you do for your strength training? Do you focus on certain muscle groups? Or just do mostly core stuff? Thanks!

    • I do a little bit of everything-I like to do a an all over body strength video-kind of like going to a pump class. It kills me and I feel so good after. It works all my body parts. And then after I do an ab video. I try to do abs at least twice a week. I should do them more but I get lazy during the winter because I cannot wake up in the mornings to save my life.

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