Long run recap

I had to check back In for a really quick post for a long run recap. My long run ended up being pretty good, not as fast as I wanted, but good enough for my first 20 since October. I might do another next Saturday, stay tuned.
I am fired up to engage myself against my favorite competitor: myself. I want to run my same route again, and smoke its times. It ended up being 21 miles:) not too shabby.

I had to be pretty careful out there because when I started it was still kinda cold. The weather idiots people predicted that it would be about 54-58 today and rainy. When I started it was still 35 and misty. By the time I hit my tenth mile it was about 50. It started to get SUPER FOGGY which is kinda odd for midday-i started to hit pockets of REALLY warm air(60’s) and then would go through pockets of EXTREME cold air. Gloves came off, went on, came off…you get the picture.
Oh and here are some pictures of the odd-ness:



So strange. The apocalypse is coming?! ( JUUUUST kidding. )

Sneaks worn today: Brooks Ghost 5. I have had about seven (or more) pairs of the ghost line. Love, love, love. And they are about to be phased out by the Ghost 6, so if you want them, hunt for them right now.

So now I’m off to stuff my face with my favorite homemade stuffed buffalo chicken ….it’s sooooo good. There really is never a time when I don’t want buffalo chicken, let’s be sers. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. #obsession. (Don’t judge me) and if you do not like buffalo chicken, I’m very very sorry for you…because it’s the best food ever. (We can’t be friends anymore if you disagree, you’re not allowed to do so, sorryπŸ˜‰I kid, I kid)



And let’s hear it for the Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 thoughts on “Long run recap

  1. Great run girl! The weather was so weird Saturday!

    That chicken looks awesome, can’t wait to see the recipe! I made a healthier version of buffalo chicken dip yesterday because I’m seriously obsessed with buffalo chicken too!

    Yay Pats! Can’t wait for next weekends game! πŸ™‚

  2. YAY Pats!!!!
    We’ve been having the same type of weather here and I am really enjoying the + temperatures compared to -20 with windchill. Great job on the long run!!!!

  3. Ummm….STUFFED buffalo chicken?!?! Yes please. You’re my new best friend and you are totally allowed to bring that to my house tonight to watch the Pats game. We’re making chili. And we just bought some sea salt caramel thingys. GAME ON!!!

    • Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love chili!!!! I got the recipe from skinnytaste.com..I’m planning on doing a post next week with my tweaks to the recipe…it’s so good! Enjoy the game, we’re going to my lil sisters!:) and sea salt caramel=deliciousness! 😁

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