My, oh My…Time sure does change you…

Time can change you unlike anything else. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about WHO I once was, and WHO I am now. When I think back to my younger years (yeah I know I’m not THAT old ;)) I remember some of my “favorite things”. I compare them to the “favorite things” in my life now. it surprises and delights me at how I have changed.

My favorite bra… no longer one that boosts up the twins or shows off décolletage. Now, its one that keeps “them” firmly strapped into place, does not ever chafe me, and provides necessary support for the crazy miles I run weekly. Gone are the days where I will spend beaucoup dough on a bra from Vicky’s. My interests lie now in investing in a good sports bra!

My favorite pair of shoes
Are the shoes I use for my tempo runs and long runs. At one time, the higher the heel=the happier the girl wearing them. I teetered and tottered fell a lot for more than a decade in my stilletto’s. Now, don’t get me wrong-I still wear the occasional stiletto-but it has got to be a SUPER good reason-like I’m attending your wedding. OR a fancy schmancy date night out with my husband where I’ve pulled out all of the stops. My everyday (work)shoe is a preference of a rounded tip where is once was pointy, and a wedged vs a skinny heel.

My oh my how the times do change. I find I don’t like to stand on my feet all day in heels. Why? Because then after work-my feet are so tired they do not want to run. Priorities shift, and you restructure your life based on things that mean MORE.

The Times I Think I Look My Best….
Are no longer when I get all dolled up. I used to feel prettiest dressed to the 9’s with my hair perfectly coiffed, makeup expertly applied. I now feel prettiest when I sweat. No, scratch that-I feel prettiest when I have EARNED my sweat. When I know how hard I have worked. Accomplished something. Hey, I feel great in the 15 degree weather when I come home with my base layer soaked (anybody else love that , too?). I know if I’ve managed to sweat in the artic terrain that I MUST have worked pretty dam hard. And that makes me feel beautiful.

Spending money on new clothes?
Watch how fast it goes…on a new running outfit. It is amazing how fast a mall gift certificate will Dick’s Sporting goods. #enoughsaid

My favorite accessories…
Aren’t so much earrings and scarves anymore. I tend to favor my Ponybug hat and my Garmin. My headphones and Ipod. Its amazing what you will be willing to spend money on to help you achieve your best run. Spend money on jewels? Not unless they are affixed to my Garmin, #thankyouverymuch.

My Friday nights…
Are rarely spent “Living it up” anymore. Instead, its typically a quiet movie date on the couch with my husband and early to bed…because Saturday mornings are for long runs. I despise when I go to bed late and have to wake up early and don’t feel well rested. Going out takes a back seat to training, and..ummm….clubbing? What’s that? I’ve never heard of such a thing! (If I told you how much I once was a Boston club girl-you would be stunned) You can’t underestimate or compensate for a good night’s sleep. It makes you ready for anything, including a bad-ass long run 🙂

Life has tiny little shifts that are almost imperceptible, until one day, you look back and realize who you USED to be, and who you are NOW; HOW far you’ve come from WHERE you were. I USED to be a “Dress up girl”. I guess I still am-once in a while-just not everyday as I once was….And I think I wore “real” shoes/clothes twice over my 2 week Christmas break. Now, I’m a runner and the name of my game is sporty (I turned from Posh Spice to Sporty Spice-this reference just popped into my brain, haha).
I know HOW far I’ve come because my running is starting to really take off. That makes me SO happy cause I worked SO HARD to get here:)
And THAT might just be my very favorite thing!

Anybody else have priorities/things they have shifted around without technically realizing it? What are they?

Run Free, Run Strong!

The Girl Who Ran Everywhere


8 thoughts on “My, oh My…Time sure does change you…

  1. Anybody else have priorities/things they have shifted around without technically realizing it? What are they?

    I think between my first and second years of graduate school, when I started working out, controlling my portions, and watching what I ate, all of a sudden, going to bed a little earlier and drinking a little less started to magically happen. Fast forward to a few year later and I’m eating pretty clean, and right now, I’m not drinking at all! I’d rather be up early(ish) and running!

      • It’s not, because once you start eating clean, you feel like crap when you deviate! I won’t pretend like I like my processed desserts now and then, but there is such a difference between whole foods, and foods derived from those whole foods, and the processed crap you can pick up at the gas station.

      • amazing! I try to eat mostly fresh things too-like fruits and veggies -nothing With oils-when I eat anything that is greasy I can Always feel it immediately. I would love to try being completely clean in my eating but I’d have to gets husband on board too-that could be the hard part!

  2. I can so relate to the Friday nights in. I’m only 4 years out of college, so those ‘going out’ and partying days aren’t that far behind me. But, over the last year I’ve pretty much stopped going out in favor of going to bed early to get up & run early. Haha! I remember 2-3 years ago, every once in a while if I did stay in on Friday to run the next morning, I felt so deprived, kinda annoyed, and wondered how I’d ever get used to it….now I so look forward to it. 🙂

    • I went through the same thought process as you did-staying in on a Friday was unheard of and truly did feel like I was being punished!!!:) it’s so funny how you change over time. By Friday nights-I barely know my own name bc I’m so tired from the work week!!!:)

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