How to kick your own ass, and when the best time for wine is


There wasn’t much to say about my workouts over the past two days…..because there weren’t any.
Monday was my scheduled rest day, and Tuesday I woke up zombie-like after a sleepless night…soooo. I took two days off in a row. I know…I can’t believe it either.

Today was gonna be my day! It was going to be 25 degrees!! Holy heat wave!!!(please sense the sarcasm). My game plan was to work until 1ish, come home and immediately dress for a 13 mile outdoors run. Self high five to this awesome plan please!

But I spent the entire day shivering. Even through my thick sweater, cozy scarf, knee high socks…I was frozen, the whole day. By the time I got out of work, temps had only risen to around 13 degrees. The weather people are liars!!!!

I sat, bundled on my couch for hours, and couldn’t convince myself to go outside. (Even though I was already wearing ALL of my running attire for the day.)
I was angry with the weather. Being mad at something that is literally out of your control is quite silly. (well. That’s what my conscience said)
But there I was anyway, brooding all dam day long. Honestly-the run i ended up doing took less time than the brooding did.

Finally I HAD it with myself debating on “Should I run outside or inside?!” I got up and went on my treadmill.
Five miles in I was angry at sooo many things..The weather, the fact that I was running on a treadmill, the fact that I was bored running on the treadmill…I was probably even mad that it was Wednesday.. I was a Hot, Irrational Mess. Obviously getting angry about things that are SO FAR out of my control is truly ridonculous. side note:I was so cold that I had on a winter hat, long sleeve dri fit shirt AND a sweatshirt on top of that. Inside my own house. Now is the time to tell you that my treadmill is in the basement!

It finally dawned on me that the problem had NOTHING to do with these external factors…it was all in my own head..the problem was ME. HUMPHHH. so how do you remedy that? Well. For starters, you quit being a baby about the weather-and second-you suck it up at and get your BE-hind OUT of doors.

And that’s what I did.
br />
these things happened during or after my run:
I was very, very cold.
I was very fast ..well…fast for ME in cold weather (10, with a 5mph wind)
I couldn’t feel my fingers after mile 7 (I actually got a little scared that my fingers were going to fall off$
I am now very tired.
I gave myself a warming cure-

(yes, red wine is the very best warming cure in the entire world, if you didn’t know that already: YOU’RE WELCOME)

Lessons learned today: sometimes, you are your own worst enemy. Sometimes, you need to kick your very own ass into gear to get it done. Sometimes you need to ignore your own worst enemy:YOU.

Ps… I ran 15 miles in 1 hour 55 minutes:) wahoo!!:):)

Anybody run today??
How cold is it where you are?

have an AMAZING Thursday!! (yes I know it’s tomorrow…but it’s only a couple hours away)
And as always, Run Free, Run Strong!!!!


4 thoughts on “How to kick your own ass, and when the best time for wine is

  1. Holy crap you’re fast! We have basically the same weather as you. Looks like our weekend will be nice though – 40s and 50s and rainy, but who cares about that when it’s warmer!!

    Nice job kicking your own ass! πŸ˜‰

  2. Great job for getting it done and facing your internal enemy. That voice in my head talks to me often on cold nights…sometimes I listen…other times I say what you did ‘Suck it up’!! I keep telling myself that when summer arrives I am going to be such a stronger runner for facing the adversity!!!

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