You know you’re a runner when…

We’ve all done it. Not thought of ourselves as runners… But there comes a moment in every runners life when it suddenly dawns on them “huh. I’m a runner

You know you’re a runner when….

1. you plan your runs for the week around the weather


2. it’s so cold outside but still Out the door you go!)see above picture for today’s high)

3. you do your long run on a treadmill and after you’re done, you’re surprised you’re still alive: your surprise is not because the workout killed you, but because you are surprised you didn’t perish from boredom.

4. Your (received) Christmas gift recap is more or less looking like this:
-70% of the things you asked for/receive are running related. Be it gadgets and gizmos a plenty, or who-zits and whats-its galore: it’s for your run (iTunes gift card? Oh for new music on my RUNS, of course!)
-the other 30% of your Christmas presents are some sort of a gift card. You use said gift cards to purchase…

5. Because of weather extremes: You are faced with a choice between doing your long run on a treadmill, or not doing it at all. The thought of not doing it makes you feel guilty. The dreadmill wins. See#3 for what follows

6. You plan your meals based on your maximum energy input/output you will recover from said meal. You know, so your RUN is better.


7. You have, at some point, fallen victim to one or fivefashionable runners trend(s). Mine are those dam fuel belts. I just DONT like things around my waist. I have tried 3 or 4 different kinds and have been annoyed by ALL.

8. You have purchased, and used, some sort of athletic enhancement food: Gu, Powerade gels, Gatorade chews….none taste outstanding, so you have tried many nauseating flavors along your quest for “the perfect long run fuel” (until they perfect cheese-it flavor, bacon, wine flavor, or even chocolate covered pretzels, I will keep trying )πŸ˜‰

9. the fact that you know what a long run is makes you a runner. oh, and you can easily define and demonstrate tempo runs, Fartleks, interval training, speed work, easy runs.
Wait. Maybe this one only applies to “runners who are training?” Hmmm. Either way, if you know what any of the above terms mean….congrats, mi amigo, I would like to shake your runners hand.

10. last but not least…
You know you’re a runner when…..
you run!!!!!!!!

Question:what makes YOU a runner??

I hope everybody has a terrific day today, make it COUNT….get out there and RUN!!!!!
Run Free, Run Strong!


10 thoughts on “You know you’re a runner when…

  1. I think you are a runner when you can tell anyone how far away a kilometer or 5 are from your house because you’ve run it many times!!!! ie) I know the pizza place is 3.2km away from my house….LOL

  2. I will be one of the crazies doing a hill workout in the 10 (feels like -5) degree weather tonight…woof. Must have crossed over to the dark side! πŸ™‚

  3. These are awesome- and so true! I am on/off with calling myself a runner. Someone the other day said I need to change my twitter profile because it says “trying to be a runner” and he said I definitely AM a runner. It was one of the best compliments I’ve ever received! You know you’re a runner when … πŸ™‚

  4. You want thingamabobs? I’ve got twenty…oh wait…we’re not singing Little Mermaid songs? My bad…

    I love #4 because it’s so accurate. And who says you need to have bacon flavored something? We should all just carry bacon around in a baggie and eat it. No? Maybe I just like bacon too much…haha, psych! No one can like bacon too much!!

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