Shout out to my fans:you rock

Some awesome things have been happening for me lately on the blog and I wanted to take time and really say THANK YOU to all of my awesome followers and commenters. Ya’ll really know how to make a gal feel loved!

*After last nights post-I got this message from WordPress:

I can’t believe I just hit 100 for posts. I still feel like the blog is brand new!

*Since mid December, I’ve gotten an average of ten new followers a week. I love this!!!!
(Love my blog but didn’t know you can follow? Go to the mid-top right and click the “follow button” 🙂 thank you!)

*While on vaca for two weeks, I nearly doubled my site stats on views. Again, thank you!! I don’t know if it’s the same person reading my stuff on repeat, or a whole bunch of different peeps,but I sure love it!

*Thank you for all the awesome feedback from my post this past Saturday. I really appreciate it-I felt like I had to go out of my comfort zone and expose myself in order to truthfully write it. I was nervous, and was afraid that my family and friends would take it the wrong way. I don’t like to hurt the feelings of those closest, and the line between honestly and harsh words can sometimes get blurry.
Instead, I received so many thank you’s for writing it, and also women who can truly sympathize with me. Knowing someone else understands what you’re going thru makes it all worth it. You all have really made me want to continue to be more raw in my writing and write (more) serious posts. Your acceptance is amazing. The girl who ran everywhere thanks you 🙂

*Also, with the help of another post this week, I had my “best day” on the blog. I have received stellar feedback on it-honestly I cried a little because so many people told me how it touched their hearts, how they felt that day, things they did to recover, how they are handling it… I could go on. It is pretty cool to know that when I run Boston again this year-that I will have the love, support, and awesome thoughts of SO MANY PEOPLE. it’s outstanding. It’s like a million virtual hugs!
I’m telling you: through tragedy comes community, teamwork, and togetherness. Oh and love,never underestimate the power of THAT.

From the bottom of my heart-I truly thank you all for helping my little piece of the World Wide Web continue on a path to success:)

Hugs and high fives!
The Girl Who Ran Everywhere



4 thoughts on “Shout out to my fans:you rock

  1. I just found your blog over the holidays but am looking forward to following you in 2014 and watching you reach your dreams!!! I, too, reached 100 posts in December and it felt good…although I don’t have a clue where the time went. Great job as it can be hard sometimes to be so open in such a forum!!

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