Happy snowy Friday!

It’s only 11:30 am and I feel like I’ve been up for days(“up faa dayzz”-she says in her Boston accent). It started snowing two days ago and has not relented. In fact, it’s supposed to continue on snowing through today.
Truly, I adore snow days. What’s not to love about a day I get to stay home? I don’t even mind shoveling (it’s a great workout, what can I say?!). But I DO MIND the cold. And I mind that I have to stay inside all day. (It is blizzard-ing)!And I will most likely have to stay inside tomorrow too. (Anyone wanna call the WAAAMBULANCE for me?!?) I also heard that there is a crazy number of states who are being hit by this blizzard.. I think I heard a number like 20? That’s insane. Today, in the Boston area, it’s going to be the coldest day/night in YEARS. so if you are in one of these 20 states…Be safe!

Yesterday, Instead of running on the old ‘mill, I actually focused on strength. I lost a lot of my strength from thanksgiving through……well…through NOW if I’m being truthful. I used to lift weights twice a week but somehow I have gotten both lazy and sleepy when it comes to my desire to lift weights. I’m re-focusing that goal now and plan to go back to my old habits.

Since I haven’t been doing it in a few weeks, I have definitely noticed a shift in my running: normally, my average speed is 7:40 for a mile..and know it has slipped to 8:40. Yuckkkkk!!!!! (To clarify: there’s not a SINGLE thing wrong with that being ANYONES pace….I am tying to be faster so that is the ONLY reason I am upset with me). I never realized that my strength training actually DOES make me faster.

Friday is “Tempo Friday”.. I’m KNOW I need to focus on my tempo runs-this will increase my speed and hopefully get me my sub 3:30 marathon. (Oh btw this run will be taking place on my treadmill:
My run will look like this:
1 1/2 mile warm up at 8 -8 1/2 minutes per a mile
7 miles at goal marathon pace of 7:35
1/2 mile Cool down 8 1/2 minutes per a mile.

I have been very non-exciting over the past two days. But here is my day(s) in a few pics:

(I draw your attention to the “feels like”. Yes. It does feel like that. Also I heard on the news that in Maine it’s -35. What the !!!!!)

I am still in the same Jammie’s that I was in yesterday. No lie. I am bringing sexy back to slipper socks. (Haha)

I made a homemade sauce…

….for my eggplant pizzas.. For the recipe, you can go here. You really should. They are a healthy “pizza”. I didn’t even know I liked eggplant until I tried it this way. Plus I really love making my own sauce from the tomatoes we have canned from our own garden.
And last but not least, how I am going to amuse myself today:

I have heard awesome things about it from other bloggers and read a review by one of my fave bloggers, Olive To Run . She is awesome and I trust I am in good hands by buying this book!

Oh, just one more pic..this pic cracked me up…I saw it somewhere and saved it..HILARIOUS:


Anybody else read Divergent yet ?
Who’s snowed in and how are YOU amusing yourself on this day?

Well. I guess I can’t put it off any longer..it’s treadmill time!

Run Free, Run Strong!


6 thoughts on “Happy snowy Friday!

  1. We got the exact same storm here in Nova Scotia…it was awful…I don’t mind the snow but the wind and cold temperatures….brrrrrrr!!!

    That sauce looks yummy!!!

  2. Now I really hope you like it 🙂
    We haven’t gotten any snow in NC but it has definitely gotten a lot colder. My family back in WI are having a tough time this weekend with the temperatures and snow they have gotten.

    Stay warm!

    • You’re so lucky that it hasn’t snowed! When I was a kid, it was my dream to live in NC…My Nana had a girlfriend who lived there and would visit up here annually …she would always brag about how lovely winters were there. So I thought, “that’s it!” When I grow up I’m moving THERE!!
      Warm thoughts to you and to your WI family braving the cold!

  3. We luckily only got about 8-10 inches over the last two days, but this friggin’ cold is ridiculous. My hands get numb from being outside for like 5 minutes WITH gloves on – insane! I had to go to work today and unfortunately the plows did a crappy job with the roads so I’m glad I left early to give myself extra time to get there. You would think they’d know how to plow in New England, but apparently my little RI town sucks.

    • I know exactly how you feel! Yday, I shoveled my whole driveway, and my fingers almost fell off when I was done… I’m lucky that I teach so I have snow days. But man my roads aren’t plowed either, it blows! My husband took me to the grocery store bc he was afraid of me driving since the roads were like a skating rink.(and this was at 6 o’clock!)
      So apparently it’s all Around terrible plowing!!

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