The mental side of running


Running is a head game.

“It’s not you, it’s me” actually applies to runners, except in reverse…

“It’s not’s YOU”.

You alone must conquer the demons within your own head that tell you that you CANT RUN. I am here to tell you this: if you have two legs that can do the left-right shuffle, twerk, or humpty dance….maa fraaand.. Youuuu can runnnn.

I have often heard my friends say: “i wish i was a runner like you”

say whaaaat?!???

I have news for you(and those friends):

You can consider yourself a runner IF you have ever done ANY of the following:

-you have run a 5k
-you are trying to lose weight and you are hitting the treadmills at the gym #babyfeeltheburn
-you have run a 10k
-you run at a speed of 4 miles an hour
-you don’t even like running. But yet, you still do it.
-you have run a half marathon
-you run a speed of 10 miles an hour
-you frequently run laps at your local track.
-you have run a marathon
-you have played swapsies with your nightly exercise routine and frequently: run then walk, run, then walk, repeat 🙂
-you are a g.d. Kenyan.
-you have run an ultra marathon. okay confession..DUH these peeps are runners. I mean..let’s face it..nobody runs a 5k and then decides to run 50 miles instead.
-you are doing the “left-right shuffle” up/down the street and it’s faster than a walker.

Really-the hardest aspect of running is the mental side. Wrapping your brain around the mileage that you are about to embark on can be daunting. For example: There are times where I’m faced with a tough hill that I think I CANT run up. The trick is only thinking about doing the “left-right shuffle” until you reach the top. Then when you turn around-pause for a second, and admire your hard work. Celebrate your small victories: they take you towards the big ones.

What do I suggest? just ignore it. Yup. That’s right…run past your designated “turn around” spot. Then further then you did today. Run laps? Run an extra tomorrow than you did today and chump today’s record.
I think you know where I’m going with this: only you control what you can do.

Being a RUNNER doesn’t mean you always maintain a certain faster velocity, or win races. If you are out there running, you’re already winning because you beat Down that silly voice that says “I CANT”.

There are many, many days where after I have been literally standing on my feet for the entire day..that I do not want to run. But yet, I do it anyway. For soooo many reasons. And some of those runs that I do not want to do end up being my VERY best. Some, my worst. It’s a give and a take. If you are a “perfect runner”, however will you learn? Exactly. You learn from mistakes, from the crappy runs.

Yet, you also learn from your amazing runs-you learn to extract from it WHAT worked, HOW you improved.

The point is: we are all runners who are doing the left-right shuffle. even the g.d. Kenyans 😉Whether you are fast like the hare, or slow like the turtle: strive to run your OWN race.
To beat the voice within you that says
“no, not today”.
You never know when YOUR “today” is-it just might be your time to shine.
So run with it. 😏

Get out there and RUN today, no excuses!!

Run Free, Run Strong!



6 thoughts on “The mental side of running

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  2. “gd Kenyans”! HAHA I love it!! This is a great post. My biggest issue with running is ALWAYS mental. That’s why I listen to pumped up music on the majority of my runs because it keeps me going. If I’m singing along to my favorite song, I can’t focus on my brain saying “what the hell are you doing?”. My brain is not that good at multitasking! 😉

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